One of the wholesale product lines that

I carry is overstock from Tally Taylor.

While their current styles have

a published wholesale price of up

to 150.00 each, I sell closeout merchandise

from their company for as low

as 14.99 each!

Since I purchase their samples,

excess merchandise, and end of the

season clothes, I am able to

pass wholesale the clothing

at closeout prices.

The company was first founded in 1995. Its headquarters being situated in New York in Garment district.

The company is mostly known for their signature collection which was their first line of suits that they manufactured. Tally Taylor company provides the best women collections as a leading manufacturer in women's suits, accessories, evening dresses, knits and hats. Tally Taylor have grown into more than just manufacturing suits for ladies and have expanded its wings to producing brands like Odeliah Denim, Daniella Corture collection evening wear, Liorah Knits and now the most recent collection called Kayla. It has an amazing slogan that says "Where every woman counts!" wow how beautiful is that? Tally Taylor company pursues both perfection and also creativity in its designs. Tally Taylor provides affordable, fabulous with top fabrics and details. The company has a wide range of sizes from 4-36W just to ensure that every woman can enjoy their wide range of products and feel important because they are covered.


Tally Taylor have more than just one collection. A brief description of each of the brands that the company sells.


This collection or brand basically deals with ladies skirt suits, trouser suits and dresses. Tally Taylor has managed to produce quality skirt suits and dresses with amazing top designs and fabric of very high quality as well


Tally Taylor company has also another brand of suits but now these ones are special suits for events such as weddings suits or even suits any elegant woman can wear to church. They are also known as church suits.


TallyTaylor suits are an amazing collections of 2 piece skirt suits that has fine fabric and colors with elegant designs. it comes with a hat of the same colour as the suits and can be worn to events like church, even office ,official meetings and many more events.


Tally Taylor manufactures elegant dresses and evening wear in this category . These dresses from Tally Taylor can be worn to any special occasions. If you want to look like a celebrity in bling allover, strapless, long, revealing, just mention it, Daniella Couture will have you covered.This is the place to be they will make your dream come true. The most amazing fact is that their dresses are always ready to be shipped same day one makes an order! now that's a game changer.


Tally Taylor has managed to also produce top notch usher or group suits. The fabric used to make these suits are top quality and does not wear out at all. They are unique and very elegant that any classy women would want to be associated with them. They come in different vibrant colors thus giving the women a wide range t choose from, Just because you are a group or ushers in church or meetings does not mean you have to wear boring uniforms well make a visit to Tally Taylor and for sure you will be impressed.


Tally Taylor have a wide range of women's hats that apparently matches with the suits. these elegant hats can be worn with the suits bought together with the hats or you can choose to wear it with any other dress just as you like it. They also come in different vibrant colors but if you are a dull color person, they also have you covered. You will be spoilt for choice.

Tally Taylor companies also has stock clearance at some point. They are different because they don’t clear their suits just because what they have in stock is not moving, No, they clear high quality suits from their store which you will enjoy at discounted prices but very high quality suits and you will actually realize it is a favor for how much you will pay. That is Tally Taylor for you. Believe it.

The high quality of their products has enabled them to build up a loyal base of consumers that love their branded clothes.

If you are looking to purchase their clothing at a

below wholesale price, you are welcome to

visit my New York closeout warehouse,

or you can order online from my

wholesale website.