If you would like to learn some great wholesale

dress buying negotiation tips 

you are in for some interesting tips.

I have used many of these tips

as a buyer, and experienced many

of them as a seller,

and I can tell you that they

can give you powerful results.

If you are a retailer or boutique owner

that focuses on brand name dresses,

it's very easy to forget to negotiate in the

process of making your wholesale purchases.

Remember, wholesalers can only thrive

in business when retailers buy from them.

The reason why wholesale buyers forget

to negotiate is very simple. They simply forget to.

Imagine that after months and months of searching you

finally come across the wholesale dresses

that you have been looking so hard for.

You might be a Nigerian boutique owner

who traveled from Africa to the New York

Fashion District.

You know that your customers will love

those dresses and you are already imagining

all the money that you will make when you

sell those brand name dresses.

In that excitement it's reasonable, and even

almost expected, for a buyer to forget to

negotiate the wholesale price that the

dress wholesaler is offering them.

There is also another reason why retailers

often don't attempt to negotiate 

wholesale prices. And that reason is because they

don't want to disrupt the relationship with

their wholesale source, especially if it's the first

time that they are doing business with that source.

After all, the dress wholesaler might have many

other boutiques he or she can sell those dresses to.

So it's only reasonable that a buyer might be

reluctant to do anything that might cause 

the dress supplier to not want to do business with them.

So let's address both scenarios and see

how you can deal with each one of them.

In the first scenario you simply forget 

to ask for a lower wholesale price because

you were so excited about finding the

fashion merchandise that you need.

I think this can happen to all

us. We get so excited about

a great wholesale deal

that we can't wait to

have the merchandise in our


Imagine that you have been

searching for wholesale Guess dresses,

and not only do you find them,

but they are only available in a limited quantity.

But that excitement can easily

lead us to forget to at least

try to get a lower cost for the

products that we are purchasing.

The best way to ensure that this does not

happen to you is by carrying a note in your

wallet reminding you that you need to


If you have a business partner, or

a close friend or relative, ask them

to call you when you reach the

wholesale dress warehouse. This way

you will be reminded to attempt to

obtain a lower price for the merchandise.

Generally, it's always good to

have someone that can give you

good business advice, this

way you stay focused, and remember,

all of your goals.

In the second scenario your reluctance to

negotiate is based on your fear of

losing a connection with the dress

source that you are dealing with.

For example you find a wholesaler

that exclusively represents

Ralph Lauren dresses in your country.

So before I share with you my advice

let's be realistic.

Both the buyer and the seller are interested

in doing business. The buyer needs the dresses,

and the seller needs to sell the dresses.

But this does not mean that the 

buyer and seller do not have other alternatives.

I know that at the time

that you are inside the dress showroom

you might believe that you

won't find another wholesale source, but they are out there.

This might not apply in a situation where

the seller is the exclusive source 

for the dresses, as it might be

when you are buying a brand directly

from the designer or from an authorized


But generally speaking you need to know

that you can always find other wholesale sources,

if not for those exact dresses, then for other similar

dresses, or completely different dresses that your

customers might also like.

This knowledge should give you the confidence

to negotiate for lower wholesale prices.

The truth is that whether you are dealing with

an exclusive wholesale source, or have found

a hard to find wholesale selection, you can always


The key is to do it by being diplomatic.

The last thing you want to do is cause a breakdown in

communications because of egos. 

I think we have all been in situations

where we respond to emotionally

instead of intellectually. 

This happens because our emotions

get involved.

That's why it's important to make your

wholesale requests in a calm and professional

manner, whether you are the seller of buyer

in the situation.

So how should you actually ask for a lower

wholesale price?

You can start out by asking for a volume discount.

Even if there is not a standard or offered

volume discount, you can try to get one

by offering to buy more than you regularly do,

or at least more than other people buy.

So if you regularly buy 50 Tahari dresses, 

ask if you would receive an additional

discount for buying 60 dresses. As long as

you can sell those extra 10 Tahari dresses you will

come out ahead.

And if you receive a really good wholesale discount

for a large quantity of dresses, you can turn around

and supply those dresses to other retailers.

Another good tip to use is to ask for any

excess or unsold inventory that the wholesaler might have.

Let's say for example you visit a closeout dress warehouse

in New York. You would want to ask the owner of the

warehouse if he or she has any dresses that they

are having a challenging time selling. You should be

able to get a really good deal on those dresses

since the wholesaler will be happy to have found a 

buyer for them.

You can also negotiate for lower prices by offering to

buy dresses from a previous season. In this strategy you

would basically buy summer dresses during the winter,

and winter dresses during the summer. Because

you will have to hold the dresses for a few months

you should be able to get a much better price for them.

Make sure that you can afford to store those dresses

if you will have to pay storage for them. If you already have

space, or the cost for extra space is minimal, this might

be a great approach to take. Keep in mind that you

also have to be in a financial position where you

can afford to tie up your money for a few months.

One of my favorite negotiation tips is 

based on forming a real relationship

with the wholesaler.

As a dress supplier I can tell you that

I prize having long term relationships with

customers. I know that these customers

will come back to my warehouse, or order online

again, and therefore can count on their business.

You want to demonstrate to your supplier that you

are committed to buying over the long term. This way

your supplier will be that much more motivated

to give you the best possible prices on the dresses

that you are buying.

I hope you enjoyed these tips,

I would love to hear your feedback!