Are you considering buying and selling wholesale Dior dresses?

There is a demand by boutiques for high end designer dresses, since many consumers with a high degree of disposable income would like to dress as fashionably as possible.

If you are considering stocking your store with high end fancy women's clothes, you should become familiar with this fashionable designer.

Dior is one of the top notch brands; which possess a knack of coming of dresses for every woman. Ladies always feel the need to own a dress which will make them stand out, among their peers. Dior is best for this job. They come up with beautifully designed dresses which help women to achieve their goal of feeling comfortable and glamorous at the same time.

We will be reviewing some of Dior’s finest dresses. This will help you out to decide which dress is made for you and will compliment your look for your next special occasion.

1. Dior Women's Pink Silk Dress

This pink, classy, silk dress is one of its kind. It claims to be made of 100% silk .The shade of this dress is a bit of a gamble but the quality of the dress outclasses any other dress of the similar shade in the market. As compared to other silk dresses available in the market, which look stretchy and cheap, this dress surpasses both in quality and finesse . It is wearable on dates or any other formal galas. Not only it boosts your confidence but also makes you feel like a royalty. The price of this dress is less than $3,000.

2. Dior Women's Light Blue Cotton Dress

This Dior dress is made of 62% cotton and 38% silk .The color is light blue. This dress is especially designed for formal events such as a close family wedding or a very high class occasion. It is elegant and graceful. The embroidery on the bottom of the dress, gives it an enriching look. This dress is figure flattering and screams sophistication. It can be termed as one of the best designs for this season. The color also compliments the overall look. It has a cool and breezy feeling when worn and is really lightweight. Nothing can go wrong when you are wearing this dress. The price of this dress is $3,526 on Amazon.

3. Dior Women's Red Silk Dress

Dior has a flair of coming up with high-quality formal wear. This red silk dress is on the pricey side, worth £2,351. It is red in color and is 100% silk. It is is true to every woman size who loves to go for bold, bright colors. This dress is plain at sight but outshines both in style and quality. It is perfect for hot summer days and for semi-formal events. The best part of this dress is that when you are wearing it, you do not have to worry about your look. It compliments anyone wearing it. It is of perfect fit for anyone who likes owing a stylish, party wear; mini dress.

4. Cotton Checkered Asymmetrical Shift Dress

This is a made in Italy, woven cotton dress for those women who dare to wear different. The dress is made of a graphic print with embroidered areas near the collar. It has the sequin at front yoke. The collar is pointed and hem has an asymmetrical seam. There are buttons on the cuffs. It is made of 100% cotton whereas the embroidery is a blend of Nylon,Viscose,Polyester and wool. The dress made for women who are more adventurous and like to stand out from the crowd. One cannot wear it to formal events but it is definitely suitable for occasions like summer parties or college parties. This dress is worth $618.99 on

5. Dior Women’s Light Blue Silk Dress

This Dior dress is worth $2,318.It is made of 60% silk and 40% cotton. The color light blue. It is more for women who want to go for traditional style of dressing. This has a flattering fit and even women who crave for a flat tummy can trust this dress. Not only this will make them look slimmer but also makes their tummy look toned down. The dress has a nice,soft texture and Dior should be complimented for its making. This will guarantee you compliments at any occasion and will even make you look nice in your pictures.

6. Dior Short Red Dress

Dior Red Short dress is finely knitted and very lightweight when carrying. The red colour is of a darker shade. It is worth $1400. It has a round collar and is sleeveless. It doesn’t have any pockets and has a side zip closure. It is 46% Silk, 34% Cotton and 20% Polyamide. It is more suitable for small sized women. It is very comfortable and yet extremely sexy.

This will compliment your figure and highlight your curves. It can be won to cocktail parties, work events, weddings or any other festivities. This dress will make you look charming and savvy, enhancing your overall personality.

7. Wool Pleated Fit and Flare Dress

This Wool Pleated Fit and Flare Dress is worth $1,399 on It has a V-neck and seaming at its sides. It has a plated skirt with a hidden back zipper. It Is fully lined with panel seaming. It is made in Italy .The dress is of light pink color which is on the warmer side. The dress makes you look graceful without putting in any effort. It oozes charm and is a great choice for proms, evening parties or even work occasions. The shade of the dress makes it look even more sophisticated. The dress is for young and middle aged women alike, who like to dress up gracefully.

8. Dior Silk 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Dress

This Dior Silk dress has 3/4 Sleeves and a V-Neck. It is worth $1,499 on It is woven silk-blend dress with fitted bodice. It has an A-line hem and hidden back zip. It is made of 95% silk and 5% elastic shell. The dress is fully lined with 100% silk. It has an approval of being of versatile style; which makes you look and feel gorgeous. It has a simplistic touch but when worn dons a sexy signature. Wearing this dress gives you a sense of confidence and makes you feel in charge of any situation. It is more suitable for night functions, like dates or galas.

9. Dior Wool Dropped Waist Sheath

This Dior Wool Dropped Waist Sheath Dress is worth $1,398.99.It has a pleated V-neck neck. It has a black zipper which is hidden. This dress is especially made for women who are sexy and know it. It is made of 77% Wool, 23% Silk and has a Lining which is 100% Silk. It is a made in France and has a strong, vibrant hue. It is suitable for a hot summer day to briskly spring afternoon. This dress helps you to shine out on any event.

10. Dior Boatneck A-Line Dress

This Dior Boat neck A-Line Dress is worth $1,119.It comes with a fitted bodice and a hidden back zipper. It is made of 90% viscose, 6% polyester and 4% spandex. It is made in Italy and one of the best sellers. It helps you to flaunt your beauty bones and also compliments your figure. It is suitable for any dress party and also the best choice for any social business event. It is best for the ladies who want to keep it professional yet sexy.