Are you interested in wholesale comic books and don’t know where to find them? Well, if so then there is no reason for you to worry anymore. eBay is an online auction site, has a collection of so many books that you can buy for resale.The types of comic book sales on eBay include the following;

1. Marvel Comic Books

The marvel Comic books are among the most selling comic books on eBay. They are classified into old marvel comic books, Vintage Marvel Comic Books and modern Marvel. You will see titles
such as Iron Man, Spiderman, and Wolverine

Some of these books contain mature content while others are for all ages. Therefore you have to consider your target market before buying them.

2. The DC comic books.

Like with Marvel, some of the titles
are aimed at children, and other titles
at adult readers.

These books include Dc Comic Books Superman, Dc Comic Books Batman, Vintage Dc comic Books just but a few to mention. These comic books present awesome and thrilling hero stories of all time.
3. Silver Age comics.

These books include; silver age, generally covering the comics published
in the 60's.
4. Golden age comics

The golden age comics include; Detective Comics Golden Age, Golden Age Action Comics, Golden Age Batman comics, Golden Age DC Comics among many others. This period, which covered the 50's, introduced many of the well known characters.

5. There are also many independent
titles by publishers such as
Valiant, Image, and Dark Horse.

Well, if your dream is owning a comic store on eBay, then there is no doubt that you actually need to be aware of how to sell the comic books on eBay’s platform. Selling on eBay is not an easy task just that it calls for keen consideration of certain procedures.

The first thing you have to do is set up a basic store, give it a good and attractive name then customize it. It is of much benefit to start with a store because of the advantages accompanied with it. With a store, the listing fees are quite cheaper and probably your store listing will run for long.

Secondly, create an auction template. This will help you list your items quickly and also add flare to them.

The third step to take is to get a Turbo Lister basic which will help you fill the forms eBay provides

Link your store with a PayPal account so as to easily and conveniently accept money from buyers all over the world.

Create promotional fliers for your customers using eBay marketing tools. This will make people be attracted to your store and actually view what you are offering.

When the comic books are bought, plan on how the goods will be delivered to your customers. Always Under promise and Over Deliver (UPOD). What you also have to remember is never to exaggerate the condition of the comic book, be honest even if you do not know the grade of the book.


Do you want to venture into the buying and reselling business? If so, then the following are the simple steps and techniques you should consider.

1. Know the type of comic book you want to buy and sell. The types of comic books are highlighted above. This can be well achieved by identifying and knowing your target market.

2. Be well familiar with the condition classification collectors and dealers use in rating comic books. This will help you know the top rated comic books. It will also help you identify comic books with poor conditions, meaning that they are seriously worn out. Good, meaning that the comic books do not miss any page.

Make a list of the comic books that you are interested in. This is important as it will show you exactly what you have and enable you to do a quick assessment.

Always use a price guide such as the Overstreet Price Guide,
and monitor the prices that different comics
are selling for.

You can find a store on eBay where you can buy the comic books and make your order,
visit a local comic book shop and ask the owner for a good resale deal,
and visit flea markets and garage sales.

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