One of the most important things you

can do in the wholesale business is to 

establish realistic goals.

You need goals so that you have

a sense of the direction in which you

need to go.

You want to ensure that you

are actually reaching the milestones

that you need in order to succeed.

You want to stay motivated

so that you will consistently strive

to accomplish what you need to do

to become successful.

But it is very important to

ensure that your goals are realistic.

If your goals are not realistic you

will become frustrated if you fail to

accomplish them, and you will likely end

up giving up.

Imagine if your goal was to sell 

1,000,000.00 worth

of closeout merchandise in the next 30 days.

Although you never know, in my opinion

that's an unrealistic goal that will

put undue pressure on you.

And if you don't reach your goals

you will end up losing your drive

to succeed.

But I want you to succeed,

since the more success my customers

have, the more success my closeout

business can experience as well.

So it might make more sense

to have a smaller goal of selling

1,000.00 worth of closeout merchandise

in the next week, and then as you

accomplish that goal you can

set your aim higher with your

next goal.

One of the best ways to stay motivated

is by experiencing success, whether it's

in the wholesale or retail business.

But how do you

stay motivated when you

haven't yet reached the level of success

that you are striving for?

The answer is by setting easy to achieve

mini goals that can give you a taste

of success.

For instance, instead of your goal

being to sell 1,000.00 worth of

brand name dresses by the end

of the week, you can initially set

a goal of selling 1 dress per day.

As you achieve that mini goal

you will feel more empowered

to fulfill your next goal.

The key is to break down your

actual goals into a set of many

mini goals.

Each goal that you accomplish

will help you stay focused

on your mission, since you will

be able to feel the satisfaction of

actually experiencing success.

Your goals need to be

very detailed so that you

can actually plan out

how you are going to make them


If your goal is to find a supplier

of wholesale designer shoes

you will want to write down

the steps that you will

take to find the shoe supplier.

So what kind of goals in the

wholesale business can be

realistic and fulfilling at the same time?

How about?

1.- Increasing your sales by 5%.

2.- Each day reaching out to 5 customers that have 

bought from you before.

3.- Calling 5 prospective customers each day.

4.- Making a YouTube video to promote your business.

5.- Writing an article that provides information to your


6.- Looking for an additional source of wholesale products.

7.- Rearranging your store or warehouse.

8.- Adding a new wholesale product to your website or store.

9.- Researching a new retail category.

10.- Contacting your current suppliers and exploring a joint venture.

There are literally thousands of mini goals that you

can set up for yourself.

Remember, the key is to break down your

ultimate goal into small steps that are easier

to implement.

Hopefully once you have taken all those

steps you will have arrived at your destination!