Korea Wholesale Clothing

If you are looking to purchase good quality but affordable clothing in bulk for your store or even for yourself, one of your options would be to go with Korean wholesale clothing.

Right off the bat, their clothing is considerably cheaper than most other wholesale industries and you can purchase in huge bulk orders which is highly advantageous to the buyer. The reason that the prices are so much cheaper is because the laborers wages are exceptionally low, making mass production an affordable and easy option for those in the textile industry in Korea.

Although the price is low, the quality is not and you will still find that they material used is durable and wears well.

The best thing about Korean wholesale is that they are up to date with fashion. So when you purchase clothing, it will sell because it is exactly what everyone is wearing at that point.

Another pro about buying your wholesale from Korea is that you can do it online. Most of the top wholesale stores have a website where you can search what you are looking for and then place your order. Often, because customers usually buy so much at once, the store ships for free.

Some of the well known Korean wholesalers are:

· It’s Me Style (www.itsmestyle.com): specializing in women’s clothing, you are also able to pay with Pay Pal on their site.

· Wholesale Clothing Korea (www.wholesaleclothingkorea.com): this is a very large store with a huge variety of pieces to choose from. They deliver around the world, even if it is just a single item that you have ordered.

· Maxuce (www.maxuce.com): another store that has a very large variety but also plus size clothing which is great if you are in that market.

· Yuki Wholesale Clothing (www.yukisale.com): when you order from Yuki Wholesale, you have to order a minimum of ten pieces, but they can be different designs, colours and styles.

· To Clothes Shop (www.toclothesshop.com): this store has a wide variety of fashionable clothing for women. They accept all major credit cards and you can also find them on Facebook.

Korea has some incredible clothing brands and many have shows at Seoul Fashion week. Here are some that you absolutely need to know about:

87MM: created by three Korean male models who create stylish men’s clothing. They are so popular that they sold out completely in four days when they opened their pop up shop.

Blankof: this brand has a very minimalist style and create totes, cases, crossbodies, backpacks and caps that people go mad for.

Blindness: formed by three designers, this brand is going places having already been featured in Harper’s BAZAAR Man, Vogue Korea and DAZED & CONFUSED.

Buried Alive: founded in 2009, this brand represents the youth culture and the attitude on the street. Their name was inspired by a horror film.

Covernat: designed with the Asian body type in mind, this brand delivers American inspired workout wear even though they originally started out with a pair of denim pants.