Your best customers for your wholesale products are often your
friends. Friends can make excellent customers because they are
already predisposed to buying from you, and like everyone else,
they will love to purchase brand name merchandise at below the
retail price. They will make eager shoppers because for starters,
they trust and like you, so they will want to patronize you. And
because you have a relationship with them, communicating with them
will be an easy and smooth process. 
But as you well know, it can be
uncomfortable to try to sell to your friends. Maybe the reluctance
is because you don't want to seem as if your friendship has
ulterior motives, or perhaps it's because you are simply shy when
it comes to selling to those you know. Both of these objections can
be overcome when you consider that a real friend understands your
need to make a living, and that if he doesn't purchase from you, he
will simply spend his money at someone else's cash register because
he still needs to buy clothing, gifts, electronics, and so on.

Remember, everyone needs to buy products, so they might as well
purchase from you. The following tips will help you market to your
friends without feeling like a salesman.
If your friend needs an office dress
for an upcoming work function,
and you can get her a Calvin Klein
dress for 75% below the regular price,
you can be sure that you will
catch her attention.

Tip #1

Use Facebook to update your friends with your latest wholesale
products. You can list your latest wholesale item for sale on your
status update, this way everyone will see what you have for sale
when they log on. Because your friends will only see your wholesale
products as a consequence of being connected to you through the
social network, you won't feel as if you are trying to sell them
something. If they are not interested, they will simply ignore the
updated status.
I have seen of my Facebook friends use their
posts to advertise their products and
I have used Facebook to promote a variety
of different wholesale items,
from men's silk neckties to
Nine West shoes to R&M Richards dresses.
Tip #2

Next time you speak to a friend let him know about your wholesale
business, this way it's up to him or her to decide if they want to
take the next step and visit your shop or warehouse.
If your friend is a parent, and you have discounted
Disney baby clothing, you would be doing your
friend a favor by letting them know
about your business.

Tip #3

Host a party at home where you display your products. Make it a fun
event where you will have drinks and food. The theme of the party
should not be sales related, but do have your items out where they
can see them, this way they can make a purchase if they are
interested in them.
Home parties can be an excellent venue
to sell designer handbags by brands
such as Michael Kors, Coach, Guess,
and other popular labels.