Have you wondered how to buy wholesale pallets on BStock Solutions?

Having excess stock in a company can be a worrying trend since cash is held up in stock instead of it circulating and generating profit for the company. Stock which is returned to the company due to a minor defect does not necessarily have to be disposed of in the recycling bin. The merchandise can be sold off at a discounted price. Such stock needs to be minimized so that there is cash flow in the company.

Bstock solutions is an online auction company that offers solutions towards liquidation of excess or returned stock in a business thereby increases the finances of the company while offering affordable products to their clients worldwide. Bstock solutions connects with clients around the world thereby ensuring availability of a ready market for your products.

Bstock solutions deals with a wide range of products including; books, home appliances, automotive, office appliances, jewels and watches, sporting goods among other products. It is hardly impossible for one to lack a particular product through one of their many marketplaces.

How to buy on Bstock solutions is very easy. First you need to register by creating an account on their site. For residents of the USA, after completing the registration process, you attach a re-seller certificate. The importance of the re-seller certificate is that it will exempt the buyer from paying taxes on their purchases. After you have completed registering and submitted your details, you will be notified within one business day if your registration was successful.

For those residing outside the USA, you will be required to produce an official document like an export licence or a business registration form to indicate the the purchase is meant for export so that the seller may be shown proof that they do not have to charge sales tax on the products purchased.

After registering, you can start shopping for the products you want. While at it, it is advisable to note the current demand price and the retail value of the product, this will help you in the purchasing process.

Once you have identified your product, you can go ahead and place a bid for the product. This is done when there is an auction for the said product. As a bidder, you can place one bid at a time or several bids at the same time after which a counter offer will be placed before you. This continues till a winner is announced.

In case you are announced as the winner, you will be required to pay the amount within two days of closure of the auction. Payments are normally done using the currency listed during the bidding process. This is to mean if the bid was in dollars, you will be required to pay in dollars. The same applies if the bid was in pounds.

After payment is made, the buyer is required to collect the product from the seller within five business days from the closure of the auction. The buyer is responsible for the shipping cost using any means that he or she may deem fit. Check for available shipping options if they are available through the seller or BStock.com

You will find marketplaces through their site for companies such as

Walmart, Groupon Goods, Gamestop, Home Depot, Boise, Sam's Club, Best Buy, Costco,

Sears and K-Mart, and others.

I have seen products offered through the different online auctions marketplaces such as:

Apple iPhone version 7, Whirlpool appliances, Samsung fridges, Crest hygiene products,

Polo Ralph Lauren clothing, and more.

Make sure that you determine if you are bidding on an overstock

or a store return pallet.

The condition of store return merchandise can be

sevrly damaged.

I would recommend if possible that you visit

an actual store of the retailer so that you

can get a good sense of the type of

merchandise that can be in one of their


You also want to see what condition the

return merchandise is in when it's brought

back to the store.

This can give you some guidance

in understanding what to expect.

One final tip, make sure not 

to get carried away with your

bids in pursuit of wholesale merchandise.

While it might seem like the perfect deal,

you need to make sure that the price

you are paying for your wholesale products

allows you to have a decent margin.