I would like to share with you

12 long term wholesale product

marketing tips.

The reason why I refer to them

as long term is because they

have the potential to bring you

potential customers long

after you have implemented


If you have been involved in the wholesale

or closeout business long enough

you know that there are two

main challenges.

One challenge is to source 

great wholesale and closeout

product deals.

I would be happy to

help you with this challenge

if you contact me,

but right now I would like to

focus on the second challenge.

The second challenge is to

implement a system that

can attract customers to

your business over the long term.

And when I say system I

mean a disciplined set of

strategies that you

can use to attract

customers that can buy 

your wholesale and closeout products.

I have used many of the following

marketing tips to attract customers

to my business.

Since everyone's results will

be different, I recommend

that you determine which

of these tips are effective for

your business and then

make a decision regarding


them accordingly.

There is definitely something

to say about paid forms

of advertising, but remember

that they are only effective

while you're paying for them.

These tips are either free,

or almost completely


But they do take effort,

so you are basically trading

your time for money.

Wholesale Product Marketing Tips #1

Set up your own blog. 

You will want to write informative

posts that are of interest to your customers.

The articles should be based on the

keywords that your customers use

to search for your products.

If you sell brand name dresses

you can write a post

explaining how to select the

best dress for a party.

You can see an example of one

of my blogs at:


Wholesale Product Marketing Tips #2

Write guest posts for other people's


Everyone needs content for their

blogs, but not everyone wants to


You can write posts in exchange

for having a link for your

website at the bottom of the post.

Some blog owners might

even be willing to pay you

to write posts for them.

But as far as I am concerned,

you can come out ahead just

by making sales

to the people that read your post

and then visit your business.

Wholesale Product Marketing Tips #3

Write articles that are of interest to your


You can then submit these articles

to article directories.

Website owners visit these

directories and use the articles

as content on their websites.

Make sure that the articles

have a link back to your website.

If you want the articles

to be effective they need to be

genuinely interesting and helpful.

Wholesale Product Marketing Tips #4

Send out press releases talking 

about your business.

Not only could the press releases

get you free media exposure,

but the press releases are

also used as content in websites.

I still receive traffic to my websites

from press releases that

I wrote a few years ago.

And I have been interviewed

by Entrepreneur Magazine

which has given me even more


Imagine how much an

ad in Entrepreneur Magazine would

have cost me. 

But if a press release 

gets you publicity

you are basically getting

free advertising.

Wholesale Product Marketing Tips #5

Create YouTube videos to promote your


Make sure that the title of your

video and its description reflects

the terms that your customers

are searching for.

Some people put a lot of effort into

producing professional videos,

but in my opinion it is more

important for people to see you

and your business as you are.

People want to connect with

people that are real.

Wholesale Product Marketing Tips #6

Participate in online forums relevant

to your market.

The idea is to develop a reputation

online as a source of information for

the products that you are selling.

This way people will come to your

business when they are ready to


Wholesale Product Marketing Tips #7

Write product reviews about the

products that you are dealing with.

Make sure that you disclose if

you are a seller of that specific


I think people understand that

sellers are going to be overtly 

optimistic about their products

so make sure to stay balanced.

People will respect you more

when you tell them the pluses

and minuses about the products

that you are selling.

Wholesale Product Marketing Tips #8

Answer questions posted online about 

the products that you sell.

For example someone might

post a question online about

the quality of Nine West handbags.

You can post an answer in which

you discuss the quality of the Nine

West handbag.

Keep your answer informative,

it should not be a sales pitch.

Always disclose that you are

a seller if in fact you are.

Wholesale Product Marketing Tips #9

Build an email list.

This way you can send your

customer list updates 

about the different sales

that you are running.

You can also send out

informative articles

that can help your customers.

I once read that on average people

have to see an ad 7 times

before they respond to it.

If you have an email list you

can send out ads periodically 

so that you can remind your

customers about your business.

Even when you send out

an ad try to be personal

and share your ideas 

about the products that you

are selling.

Everyone is so overwhelmed with

ads that it's refreshing to see

someone's unique personality in

their sales message.

Wholesale Product Marketing Tips #10

Publish a book and sell it through Amazon.

People will see that you are knowledgeable 

about your business, plus you might

gain new customers as people read your


You can always hire a ghostwriter to

help you write the book.

Wholesale Product Marketing Tips #11

Publish an eBook and send it out

for free to prospective customers.

It doesn't have to be a 

500 page encyclopedia,

it can be brief, but it must

be interesting.

Wholesale Product Marketing Tips #12

Set up a webinar where you

discuss important issues 

about the market that you

are involved in.

I have listened to some

really interesting webinars and

I know that they have gotten

me interested about the products

being discussed.