YouTube is a real marketing powerhouse.

Long gone are the days when people

visited YouTube exclusively to

watch movie and music videos.

YouTube has become an actual destination

place for business people searching for


As you might know, I have a YouTube channel

where I post videos on the wholesale and

closeout industry. I post informative

videos explaining what the different

categories are in the industry, tips

on how to market and sell merchandise,

and ideas on how to find wholesale sources.

You are welcome to check out my
YouTube channel by visiting this link:

So how do I know that actual business people

are watching my videos, and not just

curious people who stumble upon them?

Because YouTube has a link in your video manager

account called Analytics.

When I check my YouTube

analytics I can see which search terms

people used to arrive at my videos.

And I have seen hundreds of 

wholesale and closeout related terms

such as "where to buy wholesale dresses in

New York", and "buying wholesale for Africa".

A search term is the phrase that people

type in to the YouTube and Google search box

that leads them to my videos.

Okay, so I have shown you that

wholesale buyers and sellers are 

searching for information and sources

on YouTube. But how can you be sure that there

are actually many people searching on YouTube?

After all, you don't want to put in all that effort

to make videos if only a few people

are conducting searches on the video site.

Well I can personally tell you that my

videos have been watched so far over 400,000

times. And there are other wholesale related

video channels that have received even more


Now before you dismiss 400,000 as a small

number, keep in mind that those views are

targeted. And that's actually my next point.

When you make a YouTube video 

you can to use wholesale related terms

in your headline, description, and keyword

section. This way your video can be

shown when someone does a related


So if you are making a video

on selling designer dress pallets

you would need to use variations 

of that term in your headline, product

description, and keyword box.

Make sure to only use

keywords that accurately

reflect the content of your


So how can you take advantage of the

second largest search engine in the


Here are 5 strategies that I personally

use that I strongly believe can help

you succeed.


Create videos that focus on displaying your

products. People want to be able to

see what kind of wholesale merchandise you

have, so show it them!


Be yourself. People want to do

business with people that they

like. You need to be friendly

and genuine. If your video

looks like a scripted commercial

then people will respond to it

as if it's a commercial. Keep things real with

your audience.


Provide your viewers with practical

and useful information. Some people

have asked my why I reveal so

much detailed information. They want

to know why I am willing to share

actual business secrets with my viewers.

And I do understand where their

concerns are coming from. After all,

why potentially give away information

to your competitors?

Well I look at it differently.

The more I do for others, the happier that

I am. I really believe

that if you build up the people

that you interact with, the more

that you personally gain. After all,

we do live in a global community.

So your goal should be to give as

much information as possible

to your viewers. The information

should be so interesting

that your viewers decide to

subscribe to your

channel, and return to watch your next



The name of your website

should be in your title

so that people can easily

visit your website. You

should also have links

to your websites in the 

video description. 


Have a strong call to action.

A call to action is what you

would like your viewers to do

after watching your video.

I have three calls to action

in my videos.

a)I invite 

retailers and wholesalers

to visit my warehouse the next time

they are in New York.

b)I ask them to check out

my closeout website.

c)I ask them

to subscribe to my channel.

The reason a call to action is so

important is because the ultimate

purpose of your videos is to

connect with your customers.

You need to explain to your viewers how

you can connect with

each other.

You might say something like

visit my closeout fashion website to subscribe

to my email list, or come to

my dress boutique to see

my fashionable below wholesale merchandise.

I would love to see your videos!