Wholesale Online Directory

Are you a buyer or seller looking to purchase or sell products at great wholesale prices?

Then you should consider visiting the wholesale and closeout search engine that connects the buyers with the suppliers. Once you have selected a particular provider, you can then follow the link. The link directs you to their sites where they offer a variety of products and services. The site provides a range of services, and millions of people are transacting daily on the site.

The directory has been in operation since 1996 and it is one of the largest directories. Wholesalecentral.com has its own publications known as Independent Retailer and Web Wholesaler. The magazines come with new products, the profiles of the companies, the latest retailing news and expert advice on the new strategies to help you succeed with your boutique, flea market spot, eBay store, or Amazon account.

Benefits of selling in Wholesalecentral.com

Several benefits come when registered in the wholesalecentral.com such as being given free e-commerce software, free customer support services, and unlimited traffic on your site. Forbes recommends it as the best commercial shopping site. As a supplier, your products are promoted in social media platforms, emails, and print media. Registration in the directory’s site is cheap as compared to other locations; the current charge for registration is $299. Paying the fee can be so easy especially if you are employing good marketing strategies in your site for your items.

Benefits of buying in Wholesalecentral.com

Although Sumner Communications researches the companies that sell their merchandise on their directory, you still need to independently verify the vendors that are listed on the search engine. The directory incorporates powerful sourcing tools for the buyers, and the tools help the buyers to get the most exclusive and screened deals on the site. Moreover, free trade magazines are offered to the buyers free of charge. In addition, private items locator services are provided and you can subscribe to the buyer's network to be getting the newsletters. The site's directory offers the consumers a great advantage as they can compare different items in different sites. The searching tools are also so exact, and the website is laid out in a way that is it easy to navigate through.

Reviews from the clients

The whosalecentral.com has continually received positive feedback from both the buyers and the seller. Most sellers have printed a few testimonials in their sites for making double profits once they registered with the directory. Both buyers and sellers transacting successfully rate the directory highly.

Companies that sell on wholesalers.com

Wholesale princess

The whosaleprincess.com offers a variety of products to their customers. The products include outfits, dresses, T-shirts, skirts, bloomers, rompers, bag, purses, jewelry, beauty products, decorations, gloves, legwarmers, shoes, hair clips and hats among different products. They have great discounts during holidays especially at the end of the year.

Bluestar Empire

The company mostly sells its goods at reduced price. Some of the items that they sell include belts, books, clocks, electronics, eye wear, shoes, hardware, medical supply, frames, and plastics, printed T-shirts, socks, sleepwear, toys, watches and sporting goods.

Peacock Star International LTD

Shopping in the peacock international site will guarantee you free shipping for items that are less than $100. The company deal with the bridal accessories such as fashion jewelry, pageant crowns, flower girl tiaras, bridesmaid jewelry, prom accessories and several others.

Jillian Distributors

The distributor based in the Texas United States offers a variety of products to its buyers. With over 1000 products to sell, their customers are given many choices. Some few products include leather jackets, flasks, knives, biker gear, kitchen wear, luggage, apparels, motorcycle accessories, electronics, bag packs, lighters, cigars, jewelry and pet supplies. It is rated as one of the companies with happy customers due to their excellent customer service.


The company based in New York offers professional marketing and supplying services in the directory. They sell phone accessories, electronics, appliances, High-end furniture and general merchandise.

B 2 B supply

Also based in the USA the company is a direct seller of several items. They sell earphones, cell accessories, mobile phones, battery, and smoking items. The company sells different commodities of various manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, and Duracell.

Interstate Sales group

They are Based in Florida US The sales company majors in the sales of candy, snacks, groceries, puzzle box, automobiles, insecticides, hardware and general merchandise.

Roden surplus imports, Inc

They have been in business since 1977, and they sell home goods, jewelry, toys, C-store and Dollar-store items and several other items.

Tips on increasing sales on wholasalecentral.com

As a supplier or seller, the main reason for transacting on the directory is to grow your profit margins. A good profit ensures that you will be able to pay the monthly fees to wholesalecentral.com. Employing some strategies will ensure that you can attract buyers on your website. You could consider doing the followings types for successful online trading;

1. Clear communication

Communicating about the goods and services you are offering is the key to success on the wholesalecentrl.com directory. Having uniqueness and explaining how your products and services are different from your competitors will attract buyers. You should ensure that your site has a value proposition and that the prices are competitive enough to make the customers dig deeper into the site.

2. Applying proper navigation tools

Your site should have a positive first impression on your clients. Making the visitors, work easier while navigating in different search options will give you good business. Having images that directly corresponds to the product and using catchy words and phrases will build lasting impression on your site.

3. Call to action ability

Apart from your site having the capacity to attract buyers and arouse their desire, the website should have the capacity to close the transaction. The purchaser doing online shopping achieves this. Selecting the best web designers in the market will ensure that you close most deals out of your website.

4. Keywords

You will want to utilize accurate keywords that reflect the products that you sell, while making sure that you are fully descriptive of your merchandise.

For example, if you wholesale Calvin Klein dresses, you will want to describe the type of dresses that you have, and even possibly list who the ideal customer would be for those dresses.

This way if a retailer is looking for office dresses by Calvin Klein, and you have described the dresses as being ideal for a professional woman, your product listings will have a good chance of showing up in her search results.

If you have merchandise that is ideal for Amazon FBA sellers, such as fashion handbags, you will want to make that clear in your product description.


It should be noted that the whosalecentral.com is not operating like an intermediary since it directly connects the buyers to the suppliers through their links. The directory does not offer products to the direct consumers. Conducting your due diligence once in the site will help you extend on your profit margins.