The New York Fashion District is one of the premier destinations for wholesale wedding gowns.

Although more and more wedding gowns are being imported from China, discerning consumers have come to the realization that it's crucial to examine the quality and size of the gown in person.

One of the primary reasons why women will travel to the NYC Fashion District is to obtain the wholesale prices that the shopping area is known for, and to ascertain if the sizes are suitable for them.

I have heard countless stories of women that ordered their dresses from China, only to discover that the sizes were not appropriate for them.

One of the best ways to locate showrooms that carry wedding dresses is by visiting

The website is the official directory of the area also known as the NY Garment Center.

You will then be able to easily locate the wholesale stores that cater towards brides, mother of the brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls.