If you are looking for a new 
sales channel you should consider
buying wholesale dresses for Africa.

The African continent has many
vibrant economies, consisting of 
rising middle classes that can
afford and desire to buy
brand name and designer dresses.

You can increase your wholesale dress sales,
and even start a brand new business,
by focusing on consumers that want to
buy dresses from the USA.

Although the African continent is
flooded by Chinese exporters 
selling low priced generic label dresses,
these Chinese wholesalers are not
addressing one of the biggest demands,
and that is the one for brand name dresses,
especially for American designer label dresses.

In the process of running my New York wholesale 
business, CloseoutExplosion.com, I have received
thousands of emails and phone calls from retailers
in Africa that are looking for dresses by American
brand names.

Many retailers from Africa
have also visited my closeout warehouse
in Brooklyn.

There are various factors why there is such a 
large demand for wholesale dresses from the
USA in Africa. 

The Internet is one. It has definitely bridged the
information gap that existed in the world.
While in the past a college student in Nigeria
might not have been aware of a fashionable
American label such as Tahari, now thanks to the Internet
she now does.

Social media has definitely helped market 
USA branded dresses to all over the world.
People look at their friend's pictures, and
the pictures of their friends' friends. They can literally
see within minutes thousands of pictures of dresses that they
might not have known about before.
And now that they know about those dresses
they are going to want to purchase them as well.

Another factor that has helped make USA dresses
so popular in Africa is the fact that people travel
frequently between the United States and Africa.
Travel helps people become exposed to
different fashions, and helps spread the
popularity of designer labels worldwide.

Many Africans have also moved to the United
States for work or school, and tell their families
back home about the high quality and
fashionable styles that are available in the USA.

The United States clothing market has a 
fantastic reputation. People know that the
clothing that is made in the United States,
or for the United States, is high quality
and fashionable.

And because the international trade in
wholesale products has been greatly 
facilitated by the Internet, mobile communications,
the lowering of trade barriers, multiple
cost efficient shipping options, and international
payment options, retailers in Africa can easily purchase
American wholesale goods.

I personally have seen a very strong
demand by boutiques in Nigeria, Zambia,
Kenya, South Africa, and in other countries for 
wholesale dresses by Tahari, Jones New York,
Calvin Klein, Guess, Anne Klein, R&M Richards,
and by other popular designers.

One important thing to keep in mind is
that a retailer in Nigeria can have a different
brand preference than a retailer in Namibia.
So before you conduct your marketing you
want to ensure that you understand the brand
preferences that different markets have.

Another important factor is any cultural or religious
requirements that a particular market might have.

You also want to know what the needs are of the
market which you are serving. For instance,
Nigeria has a very strong demand for office
dresses by female bankers working in Lagos.
If you are marketing to Nigeria you would
want to consider focusing on this segment
of the retail clothing market.

Customer have their reasons why they want
to buy certain types of dress, so be aware of those
reasons so that you can make good product selection

Some customers will be more concerned with
buying a work dress for an office job,
while another customer might be more
focused on buying a Tahari dress than
on an exact style.

Sizes is another important thing you
have to keep in mind. Every market has
its size preferences and requirements.

At this point I would like to share with you
something that I have learned in the process
of supplying wholesale merchandise to
my African customers. 

While there are certain size preferences,
such as 10-18, chances are that there will
be people who will want the smaller and bigger
sizes. So while you don't want to give your customers
too many small or plus sizes, you do want to
encourage them to order them from you,
since they can easily get a customer that
wants to those sizes.

Many countries have foreign workers,
tourists, and visiting students, therefore
in my opinion it makes sense
for dress boutiques to carry a full range
of sizes, not just the sizes that local 
people use.

Why should anyone miss out
on a sale just because they don't carry a certain size?

So how do you know which wholesale dresses to
order for your African sales?

The first step is to speak to people who live
or have visited, the African market you
will be dealing with. You want to find
out which brands are popular
by speaking to people who have
spent time in the country or city
which you will be marketing to.

You can also use Facebook to connect with
people who live in the countries you will
be dealing with. There are many Facebook 
groups set up for various countries, from 
Zambia to Angola.

You can also look online for the
contact information for retailers
in Africa, and call or send them
an email asking them specifically which
brands they are interested in. This is
also a great way to develop customers
for when you are ready to start selling.

Once you have determined which brands
you will be ordering, you want to start buying them
the right way.

While you can place an order directly with the
brands, I would recommend that you
focus on overstock merchandise, this
way you can pay below the regular
wholesale for the clothing that you
will be selling.

You can visit wholesale centers
like the New York Fashion District
and meet with wholesalers, as well
as spend time visiting closeout warehouses.

Ideally you will be able to connect
with a wholesale vendor that is already
doing business with the countries that you
are focused on. This way you can gain from the
experience that the vendor already has.

In business the right information is invaluable,
so take advantage of the advice and ideas
that vendors will share with you.

Now let's move on to the selling part.
After all, if you want to succeed in
business you have to have a way to
sell the wholesale dresses that you
are buying.

Here are a few selling methods
that I have personally tried:

#1 Adwords.

You can set up Adwords campaigns
targeting specific keyword phrases, for example
"dresses for Nigerian boutiques".
You will only be charged when a 
visitor clicks on your ads. 

#2 Facebook Pay Per Click Ads.

Same concept as above, but your
ads would be shown on the Facebook
feeds of the members you are targeting.
Facebook has some unique targeting
options so you should take your time
exploring them.

#3 Call African retailers directly.

You can look up retail store listings
in Africa by doing a search online.
Then call them, and send
them up a follow up email after.

#4 Write articles.

People love to discover the
information that they need.
So think of topics that you
could write about that would
be beneficial to your intended customers.

#5 Create YouTube videos.

You can make interesting YouTube
videos on topics of interest to your
customers, plus you can actually feature
your wholesale dresses in your videos.

I should mention that to maximize these
strategies you will need to have a professional
looking website that is full of pictures
and information that can help the dress stores
make the best wholesale buying decisions.

One more important point, although
I have been focusing on selling to retailers,
you can also sell to individuals in Africa
who in turn will sell the dresses to their
relatives and friends.

Or you might even connect with a 
wholesaler in Africa that can buy the
dresses from you in bulk. Your profit
per item might be less, but you might make
more in volume.

And lastly, you might even consider
opening up your own shop in Africa.