Did you know that New York

is one of the best places

to shop for wholesale prom dresses?

Let me introduce you to some

of the best prom dress brands in

New York, but first let's explore

the different styles available.

Once again, prom is here, or it's soon to be here, and every girl will exercise her

due diligence in finding that perfect dress. Do you feel anxious and overwhelmed

with the idea of getting the right wholesale prom dresses? Then worry not

because this guide will offer you the much-needed assistance to get the right dresses for the big day. Below is all you need to consider.

The prom dress style

a) The Ballroom gown- as the name insinuates, this dress has a large

pronounced skirt from the waist down to the ankles.

b) The A-line dress- it is fitting from top to bottom and is narrow

near the waist to form an A shape.

c) Baby Doll- it is a cute, short dress with a high waistline on

which a ribbon or belt is tied around.

d) Modest prom Dress- this is one that covers the whole body

while oozing glamour and elegance.

e) Sleeveless Gowns-This is a gown that is long and elegant with either

one shoulder having a strap or both having no straps at all.

A wrap or jacket can be used to accessorize the dress.

What to look for when buying a prom dress

First and foremost, it is necessary to come up with a budget to

help you stick within your financial ability. Next, do your research

to find out what the latest fashion trends are to have an idea of what

it is you want. With that in place, the next step is to

visit the wholesale store to pick out your choice.

The New York Garment District is an excellent destination for your store's needs.

Your decision must be guided by a number of things. This is where the body

type and complexion come into play. Choosing a dress that flatters

your customer's particular body types will determine how the dress

looks on them. It is also important to choose a color that

will complement the tone of their skin.

Try out a dress that think your customers can afford to avoid

wasting time unnecessarily, then, move around to ensure that you

are comfortable in it. While everyone is different, everyone can

appreciate the comfort that comes from a high quality fashionable garment.

The type of dress you choose is also dependent on whether you will wear

heels or not. Carrying the particular pair to the store will help to

determine what dress will go well with your shoes.

Prom dress brands to choose from

Tiffany Quinceanera - They specialize in making ball gowns with full

organza skirts and corset bodices that have amazing beads

which makes each piece unique and versatile.

Jasz Couture- Recently made two-piece A-line dresses which

feature complete beaded bodices with chiffon skirts.

Jovani- the fashion house based in New York is famous for

blending creative twists to classic styles based on Hollywood trends.

Blush Too- this brand seeks to cater for the plus size lady with ball gowns,

mermaid dresses, short styles dresses and sleek sequin dresses

from the sizes of 14 W to 32W.

Mori Lee- it is known its corset lace up back dresses

which are comfortable and price friendly.

I know that there are many suppliers on Alibaba that seem

to offer amazing closeout deals, and perhaps they do have great deals,

but be careful in ensuring that the size and style of the actual dress,

not just the one you see in the picture, is appropriate for your shoppers.


Finally, get accessories to go with your customer's outfits for the day.

Remember, it is a one-time affair, so every high school girl wants to look gorgeous.

Take time to ensure that you have the best fashion selection possible.

Once you have your fashion merchandise in stock

it's time to start posting pictures on your website and Facebook,

and even creating YouTube videos where 

shoppers can see your inventory.