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Maxi dresses are floor, or ankle length types of informal dresses. They are form-fitting at the top whole loose

flowing at the bottom, and cut to flow over the body. Normally they're made

out of polyester and cotton, and come in a variety of patterns, colors and neckline.

Styles of Maxi Dresses

1. Halter Neck/ Halter Top

This is like a strapless dress though it comes with some strap that’s sewn onto the chest area,

and goes all the way to the neck’s back. The strap might be a single pullover or two separate

ones which you wrap around the neck, and joins them with a button or snap at the nape.

A big part of your back is going to get exposed when putting on this type of Maxi dress.

2. Off-Shoulder

This kind of Maxi dress has no fastening or straps on the shoulders. It mainly passes above your arms.

And some styles will reach to below your armpits.

3. Backless Maxi Dresses

There are several styles of these kinds of Maxi dresses. Any dress that shows some part of

the back is regarded as backless. But there’s debate on if some dress

with plunging U or V-back are low back, backless or normal outfits.

4. V-Neck Style

These Maxi dresses have two lines that drop from the shoulders, and link at

the center of the chest. Well, the V might end below the bust, above it, or lower.

And the 2 dropping lines might originate from close to the neck or further away.

There are some styles which have a V-back.

5. Plunge/Front plunge

These feature some dropped necklines in styles such as low square, deep U or deep V.

The plunge is normally at the front. However, some dresses have similar shapes at the back.

These Maxi dresses are designed to show some part of your cleavage or contrasting

piece such as a camisole. Usually the plunging lines link on the chest,

though sometimes as low as the waist.

6. Spaghetti Straps

These Maxi dresses are designed like a tank top or camisole but they

feature quite thin shoulder straps. Also some of these straps are

adjustable while others are separate, and must be tied together.

They are quite popular in the evenings and parties.

7. Tank Styles

The maxi dress designed like a tank top or a vest. The armholes and

neckline may be plunging or minimal. They’re perfect for warm weather.

8. Drop Waist/Low Waist

The waistline of these models of Maxi dresses falls some way below

the navel, and somewhere around the waistband of a low waist underwear.

The style creates some lengthening effect, and it appears to produce some

sense of balance between the upper and lower parts of the body.

9. High Waist/High Rise

Waistlines of these Maxi dresses may be as low as just showing your

belly button or as high as up to three inches above it. This kind of dress

is popular among women having big bellies.

10. Cap sleeves

This style of Maxi dress has some small piece of fabric that just covers the shoulders,

leaving your armpits exposed. It appears rather like sleeveless dress,

though with shoulders extended and bent slightly.

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