Spend anytime walking around any major city
and you will notice one consistent
fashion item that all women

Yes, that one fashion item
is a handbag.

You will see women carrying
brand name designer
by Michael Kors or Coach,
super premium high end
pocketbooks by Gucci, Louis Vuitton
or Tory Burch,
or bags by up and coming fashion labels
such as Sacai, Celine, or Goyard.

You will also see many private
label and boutique style handbags
being sold at many price points,
from the $5 pocketbooks you
see being offered by street vendors
on the streets of Manhattan, to
the $1,000 plus bags being sold
by 5th ave boutiques.

Based on my experience
running my closeout business,
I can tell you that women will
spend more money on a 
quality handbag than on any
other fashion accessory.

So while the opportunity is there
for a retailer or wholesaler
that wants to focus on this fashion
segment, the competition is also
there in droves.

In order for sellers to
effectively compete in this
market they will need to source
premium brand name, designer,
fashion, and private label, bags
at below wholesale prices.

Sellers should make sure to
only deal with authentic and
original fashion merchandise.

Customers can tell the difference
between an original and an imitation,
and it is the legal and right thing to do even
if customers could not tell the difference.

Ideally, sellers should
look for closeout handbag lots,
since these lots can potentially
give them the lowest wholesale

Although the closeout lots can
have merchandise from a previous season,
or a unique color or style, if sellers
can find customers for these 
bags they can enjoy potentially
high markups.

I would like to share with you
3 ways for procuring merchandise
in New York for this exciting fashion product category.

Wholesale Handbag Source #1

There are many handbag showrooms
in New York.

Many of the top brand name
handbag companies have either
their showrooms in New York,
or have wholesalers in NY
that are authorized to sell
their merchandise.

Contact the brands directly
and inquire if they have 
any handbags that they would
like to liquidate.

If you can sell the brand's handbags
through a different channel than they
currently sell to, they might be interested
in working with you.

For example, Coach might have
a lot of 200 bags that they want 
to liquidate.

But they don't want the bags to
show up at a discounted price
in the USA, Europe, or Asia.

The reason that they would
want their handbags sold outside
of their traditional markets is because they
want to maintain an image for their
bags as being high priced high value
fashion items.

If you can sell the Coach bags in
a country that they are not currently being
sold in, you might be able to make a
deal for them.

Wholesale Handbag Source #2

Purchase wholesale pallets of

You can contact wholesalers
and purchase pallets of handbags
that have either department store
overstock or store return bags.

The advantage is that you can pay a
price per bag that is substantially below
the regular wholesale price.

The challenge is that the
bags will be from a previous season,
and if they are returns they can
be severely damaged.

Overstock merchandise is
generally in brand new condition
and consists of merchandise
that the department store
had excess inventory of.

I can supply you with both overstock
and store return handbags, so if this
is an option you want to explore
you are welcome to contact me.

Store return merchandise is priced lower
than overstock merchandise, but
the reason is because returns
can range from being in brand new
condition to very damaged.

On the other hand, if you can have the
handbags repaired, or can sell them
as is to your customers, you might
be able to do very well with them.

There are plenty of people
that will buy used handbags,
so even if a store return bag
looks used you might still
be able to find a customer for it,
especially if it's by a brand name
like Tory Burch.

It's really a numbers game, since some
of the bags will be in brand new condition,
some will have minor imperfections,
some will need to be repaired, and some
will be beyond repair.

I would say that the top reason why
so many retailers and wholesalers
purchase department store handbag
pallets is because they can contain
brand names such as
Coach, Guess,
Calvin Klein, Nine West, 
Jessica Simpson, Anne Klein,
among many other good names.

Also, the price is a great factor.

When I have them in stock I
wholesale them for as low as $14.99 each!

Wholesale Handbag Source #3

You can attend sample sales
run by major brands,
up and coming designers,
and boutique labels.

You can find sample sales
by visiting the New York Wholesale Fashion district,
or a wholesale shopping area closer to you.

If you can make the trip to
New York City I believe it's
worthwhile to do so.

You will find many wholesalers
with many closeout deals in New York.

When you visit the
NY Fashion Center, 
you will have to do some serious walking.

You should see people giving out
flyers announcing a sample sale,
and showrooms with signs in their
windows announcing a sale.

Be cautions to ensure that you
are actually paying a price
that will allow you to
resell the handbag at a profit.

A 50-70% markdown from the original
retail price is only worthwhile
if it provides you with a closeout
price that can help you make money.

I have seen some great sample
sales for brand name
merchandise such as Jones New York,
Calvin Klein, Nine West, Levi's,
among other labels.

Some sample sales are held
in showrooms that are inside
buildings in the New York Garment Center.

To find these sample sales you
should walk into the buildings
and ask the security guard in the
lobby if he is aware of any sample
sales that are taking place inside the

You can actually ask shoppers
in the NY Fashion District if they
know of any sample sales that are
taking place.

If you see a shopper with 
a large shopping bag full of
handbags, chances are that
she found a great sales event!

You are welcome to visit my
warehouse the next time you
are in New York, or you
can send someone.

Good luck with your wholesale sourcing!

Let me know if I can help you.