There is a great demand for cool looking fashion jackets and coats for young men.

This is a very vibrant category where it is especially important to know your consumer.

Is your customer looking for a jacket for an outdoor sporting event, a construction job, a college setting, or a biking expedition?

Although most guys would prefer to wear a designer or brand name jacket, there is a market as well for fashion and private label winter clothing, especially in the budget discount market.

Even guys and teenagers that can afford a brand name or designer coat might want to purchase a discount generic jacket for an outdoor activity that can bring wear and tear to their clothes.

If a wholesale garment does not carry a brand name or designer label then it is important that it looks great and can be sold at a highly competitive retail price.

The need to sell private label outwear clothes at a very low closeout price is especially important in areas where mass merchants such as Walmart and Sears provide competition.

Keep in mind that Amazon offers free shipping to its Prime members, so make sure that you purchase your winter and fall merchandise at a price that allows you to compete with the giant e-commerce retailer.