So you have recently 
gotten a great deal on wholesale fashion

You could have gotten
a great deal on a pallet of
overstock bags, or found a
great below wholesale lot
at a closeout warehouse in New York.

You are really excited about the 
closeout price that you paid for them,
and the beautiful fashionable selection
that you received.

No matter how low of a wholesale
price you paid, or how fantastic
the pocketbooks look, there is
one final step that you need to
take to actually make money.

You have to start selling the

While most sellers are
familiar with opening their
own store, renting a flea market
booth, or setting up an eBay
seller's account, there are
other available retail options.

All of these selling options
can work well for you,
but I would like to present you
with additional options
for selling your fashion merchandise
that you might not have

I have compiled 6 unique
ways to start selling your

To maximize the effectiveness
of these strategies you will
want to adapt them to your
own market, based on your
understanding of the
merchandise that you have,
and on your customers' preferences.

For example, some markets
require a first hand approach
in which sellers need to personally
explain the qualities of the
products that they are selling,
while in other markets
selling can take place
exclusively online.

I do think it goes without
saying that regardless of
which selling approach you
take, you should consider
building long term business
relationships with your customers
so that you can sell them more
wholesale items in the future.

Wholesale Fashion Handbag Selling Tip #1

Private label your fashion handbags.

If you are buying generic fashion
bags you can pay someone to
place your own label on them.

For instance, if you purchase
fashion pocketbooks that
have a Western style,
you might want to create your
own private label called 
USA Western Fashion Bags,
or any name to which you
have full ownership rights to.

When selecting a private label
for your pocketbooks
make sure that the name
does not create confusion,
or that it is not controversial.

You can also take an approach
in which you select a novelty name,
or use your last name as your brand,
and then spend time and money
building up a following for your brand.

If you effectively market
your label, you can start
creating brand awareness
for your name, and ultimately
charge more for your wholesale
products, whether they are
handbags, dresses, or shoes.

I have seen many wholesale
showrooms in the New York Fashion
district focus on their own 
private label merchandise.

Brands such as R&M Richards,
Tally Taylor, and Voir Voir,
all started as relatively
unknown private brands.

Now their merchandise
is sold to international
wholesale customers.

The challenge is that there
are private labels that do
not catch on, and ultimately
their merchandise is sold
in the off price market.

Wholesale Fashion Handbag Selling Tip #2

Sell the bags as part of a school fundraiser.

You can approach schools and
offer to have their students sell
your bags, and then split the
proceeds with the school.

You can also set up a sales
event for the pocketbooks
on the premises of 
a school, event, or non profit

Try to find events or groups that
cater to the demographic
that would be interested
in the fashion pocketbooks.

For instance, if there is a trade show
geared towards young professional
women you can approach the event
trade show organizers.

You could give them the idea
to present your handbags to
each show participant as
a thank you gift for attending.

The trade show organizer
will benefit since the 
participants will enjoy receiving
the handbags as a gift
and will be more likely
to speak to other people about the
show in positive terms.

And you could benefit by potentially
selling a few hundred bags in one shot.

Wholesale Fashion Handbag Selling Tip #3

Distribute the handbags to boutiques
on a consignment basis.

The boutiques would pay you
once they sell your merchandise.

Any bags that are not sold
you would replace with other

It's possible that one boutique
might do better with a different
selection, so you would want
to rotate any unsold 
merchandise among the boutiques.

Consignment sales allow
retailers to take a chance
on wholesale merchandise
that they might be unsure
about its selling potential.

Wholesale Fashion Handbag Selling Tip #4

Contact local sports teams, 
social event organizers, 
and corporations, and offer
to have their logos printed
on the handbags.

They can the use the bags
as promotional items.

Major universities
do a tremendous 
amount of business 
in selling merchandise
such as shirts and coffee 
mugs with their school's name
on them.

Wholesale Fashion Handbag Selling Tip #5

Run a fashion on the premises of your
business and have the handbags modeled.

You can find aspiring models
to show off your handbags in
exchange for giving them credit
plus professional photographs
that they can use as
they seek more modeling gigs.

You can also encourage models
to wear your handbags
by giving them free merchandise
in exchange for their work.

If you can find a model
that has a following in your
market it might be worthwhile
to hire her, even if you would
have to pay her more
than you had originally budgeted.

Think of the media publicity
that your handbag boutique
can receive if you hire a super well
known and popular model.

Wholesale Fashion Handbag Selling Tip #6

You can also take a different 

You can find fashion shows
and offer to give the organizers
your handbags for free in
exchange for having your
business mentioned at the 
fashion shows.

Imagine if your boutique
bags were mentioned by the 
media covering the New York Fashion Week.

You could potentially receive 
thousands of dollars of free publicity
as a result of having your pocketbooks
used by runaway models during the
New York Fashion Week.

This strategy could be effectively
used even in smaller fashion shows
provided that they received media
coverage from fashion media outlets.

There are many fashion shows such
as the Africa Fashion Show Nigeria,
Bridal Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week,
Seoul Fashion Week, and the Stockholm Fashion Week.