A wholesale product niche is the

specific product category that you

are focusing on.

A well thought out niche is even more

clearly defined.

For example, a general niche can consist

of the sale of wholesale dresses.

But a clearly defined niche would

be the sale of wholesale American

brand name dresses.

The idea is to be laser focused

on a specific product niche.

The more focused you are,

the better you will be able to

maximize sales of the products

that you are selling.

The reasons are as follows.

When you simply sell a variety of

different wholesale products

you are not becoming an expert

in any specific category.

You are not going to be able to

develop the same knowledge base

about any specific wholesale

product when you are dealing

with many different types of


But on the other hand, when you

are dealing with one specific

product category you will

be able to learn a lot more

about it.

And when you focus on one

specific type of product

within the category, you

will be able to develop an

expert level knowledge base

about it.

You will want to develop 

a high degree of knowledge

about the product that you

are selling since then you

will be able to present your

customers with factually compelling

reasons to buy the product from you.

If you know everything about

wholesale brand name American

dresses you will be able to

articulate all the reasons why

your customers should buy

the dresses from you.

Another advantage of becoming

super informed about a specific wholesale

product is that customers want to

deal with with suppliers that they

perceive as experts.

Customers understand that an

a genuine wholesale expert

can guide them in making the best

decisions regarding the merchandise

which they are considering buying.

While I don't claim to be an

expert, I have developed a 

good deal of experience in 

supplying wholesale brand name fashion

to retailers throughout Africa and

the Caribbean, as 

well as to other regions

around the globe.

This experience, and the information

that I learned in the process,

has helped me guide my

customers in making 

their wholesale buying decisions.

Since most of my sales consisted of

brand name dresses and women's suits,

I was able to really understand the

products that I was selling.

That is how I was able to make suggestions to

my customers that they hopefully

found helpful.

Since I have had many repeat

customers I feel confident in the

benefits of specializing in a specific

product niche.

Although I now specialize in more than

one product niche, I recommend that you

first master one product category before expanding

your offerings.

You might be wondering

how to decide on which product

to focus on.

After all, there are literally millions

of wholesale items being offered

for sale.

I think the most direct answer

is to focus on the product that your

customers want the most.

Although it is tempting to source

a wholesale product and then try to

sell it, I believe it makes more sense

to first find out what your customers

want and then source that product.

The challenge would be if you don't

have any customers yet.

In the event that you are starting from

scratch I would recommend

that you speak to prospective


People will be happy to tell you what they are 

looking for, especially if they

feel that you can realistically help them

obtain what they need.

You can also visit online forums

to see which products people

are searching for.

Another approach is to ask

yourself which products you

personally want the most.

Chances are that there are

many more people who have 

the same desires and interests

that you have.

So for instance, if you are

looking for a Tahari office suit,

chances are that many other

people are also looking for

Tahari office suits.

You will definitely

want to confirm this by

speaking to people, since

you will want to make sure

that in fact there are other

people looking for the same

product that you are.

One important point

is that while you do want to

focus on a specific product

niche, you don't want to focus

on a niche that has a very small

customer base.

Chances are that there is

competition in every product

category, so you don't

want to focus on a segment

where there are not enough

customers for a new wholesaler

or retailer.

For example, you might live in a small town

in the Caribbean.

You speak to people

and discover that everyone loves

to buy American designer shirts.

But if the population consists of 

only 200 people, and there are already

5 sellers, it will be hard to

build a substantial business in your town.

On the other hand, if you are the only

seller you might be able to build

a decent business even if you

only have 50 customers.

It is all about researching the level

of demand for a specific product

and the existing competition.

Having said that, if you

can become the top expert

in the product, or products,

that you are selling, you can

easily attract customers 

even in the face of intense 


Think about it from the perspective

of yourself as a customer.

Who would you rather go to

get fashion advice from,

a retailer that carries a wide range

of assorted clothing, without any sense

of specialization, or a retailer

that focus only on the latest 

fashion trends being introduced

in the New York Fashion District?

My point is that if you

are determined to get the possible

advice about your purchase you

will be inclined to shop by

an expert when possible.

I remember when I was younger there

was a clothing chain called Syms Clothing.

Their motto was that an educated

consumer is the best customer.

The implicit message was their

sales staff could educate

consumers so that they would

make expert fashion decisions.

As you can see, everyone,

including myself, wants to

do business with those that

are seen as the experts in their

respective fields.

And this idea is definitely true

in the wholesale and closeout business.