Via Trading ( is a wholesaler specializing in liquidation merchandise since 2002. As a family owned business, they are experts in supplying resellers of all sizes with highly profitable liquidation merchandise.

What makes Via Trading unique is that they are leaders in the liquidation industry, offering a wide selection of products, very competitive pricing, and flexible buying options. We love that we can view their complete catalog online, provide real-time availability of loads, offer videos of popular products, and give free tools to calculate potential profits. For more advanced customers, they also offer a unique platform named “Load Center” which enables visitors to find and sort through full and partial truckloads, manifested single pallets, case lots and deals.

Via Trading products follow common industry terms defining the condition of the products which are being sold. It is important to understand these terms, prior to purchasing. Below are three commonly used conditions used on the Via Trading website.

Customer Returns:

Customer Returns refers to items which were once sold, then returned by the customer for varying conditions. It is important to note that stores have varying individual return policies as well as liquidation policies which affect the condition of products you may see in various product listings. Common characteristics of Customer Returns include, defective, out of box, display items, damaged packaging, out of season, discontinued, defaced bar-codes, and discontinued items.

New Overstocks:

New Overstocks are items that were never for sale in a retail environment. Often referred to as Closeouts, these goods can originate from retailers, importers, manufacturers or distributors who are closing down, or simply have discontinued or excess goods that they need to liquidate. Items are typically in brand-new condition, and don’t require additional labels or tags prior to being sold.

Shelf Pulls:

Shelf pulls are items which have been displayed within a retail environment but have been pulled from shelves to then be liquidated. Generally shelf pulls are from excess inventory that stores cannot sell. Although the condition of these products are not new, they should require less work in the form of testing and repairing, but may require cleaning or removing test and price tags before reselling. Common characteristics of shelf pulls include discontinued goods, seasonal goods, open box, and expired goods.

Via Trading truly values their customers, and strongly focus on customer satisfaction with personalized service. They even supply you with your very own dedicated account manager. Customers range from small to large businesses, experienced or just starting out. Even stay-at-home moms and yard sale vendors to wholesalers and large retail stores are presented with a wide variety of suitable products. You can also visit their large 240,000 square foot facility in Los Angeles and inspect the merchandise before buying the products to confirm quality and condition of goods.

There are a variety of ways to shop on the website. Products are broken down by categories such as, Clothing, Cosmetics, Electronics, Furniture, Shoes, and more. Additionally, they allow visitors to browse by quantity and volume, such as, by truckload, pallet, case packs and more.

Example Deal 1: Cloracks Commercial Dishwashing Racks

A large quantity of 709 commercial dishwashing racks are available for purchase on Via Trading. Each dishwashing rack set includes 3 utensil caddies, 1 multipurpose tray (which holds 3 utensil caddies), 1 multipurpose tray for large utensils, 1 small plate tray, 1 cup tray, 1 large bowl tray, 1 large plate tray, 1 tray for large glasses, and 1 tray for regular size plates.

Ideally for a wholesaler or retailer of restaurant supplies, these dishwashing racks are an efficient and cost-effective solution for restaurants and food service businesses. Less time and chemicals are required due to it’s high capacity design, which eliminates rewashing and reduces breakage.

At $30 per set, these commercial dishwashing racks won’t last long!

Example Deal 2: Pulse Charger Revolution Electric Scooters

Pallets of customer returned, in-box, untested electric scooters are available. These electric scooters are capable of 10 mph, with up to 40 minutes of continuous ride. The origin of these scooters are from customer returns, and may not come with a battery charger or related accessories. All items are packed inside their original packaging, however due to nature of these products, it is understood that a percentage of the scooters may include: broken belts, cosmetic blemishes, non-functional breaks, and/or damaged wheels.

These Revolution Electric Scooters are heavily discounted at $16 per unit (with an original MSRP of $125), sold by the pallet at $576 through Via Trading. Pallets will include a variety of colors which may include an assortment of green, blue, pink, red, silver, etc.

Example Deal 3: Branded Women's and Men's Athletic Shoes

Sold in pallets containing 100 pairs of athletic shoes, these shoes come in their original retail packaging, but may be slightly worn from warehousing and/or transportation. The shoes come in an assortment of brand names including Polo, Skechers, Movmt, Avia, Asics, Baby Phat, Adio, Lexani, Tige, Puma and more. A variety of sizes are offered in Kid’s, Women’s, and Men’s.

Pricing is $1,499.00 per pallet, making it only $14.99 per pair.

Example Deal 4:

Over 6000 new overstock digital sports watches in an assortment of styles, colors, and sizes are up for sale on Via Trading. The watches will consist of sizes ranging between small to extra-large, and in assorted colors. Approximately 45% of the quantity, won’t have batteries and will be non-functioning units, however batteries will be sent free of charge after purchase.

Theses watches were created by a California lifestyle company focused on creating the world’s hottest wrist wear accessories. Since 2010, their brand watches, wristbands and apparel have been recognized by sports, lifestyle and fashion retail markets. 

This load is for export outside of the USA only. 6,325 Units are for sale for a lot price of $9.827.00 per load. This equates to $1.55 per unit, making for a lucrative profit margin.

Contacting Via Trading at their location, by phone or by email is easy. Their office is located at, 2520 Industry Way, Lynwood, CA 90262. They are open: Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm PST. You may also call them at 1 (323) 214-8914, toll-free at 1 (877) 202-3616, or Internationally at 1 (323) 214-8914. Lastly, email is a great option, as it is monitored 7 days a week. Simply email or fill in their online contact form through their website at