Opening up the website there is a pleasant, organized design. In the website I immediately see that is a website based on woman's fashion for a low price. As the advertisement area changes I know that there are a lot of sales on various different types of clothing. The aesthetic is appealing because it looks chic and clean. 

Clicking on the special offers tab the user notices many different types of items being sold such as blankets, jewelry, shower curtains and make up products. This is captivating because the user can purchase pretty much anything their heart desires such as mermaid blankets for $9.74. As the user scrolls further through the special offers tab they realize that these are limited time offers signified by the timers above the item which shows how much time is left before the item is off sale. 

That in itself is distinctive because many retail websites only tell you that an item is on sale without notifying the user how much time it is on sale for. This will definitely put the shopper at ease because they have an exact time frame of when the item goes off sale. 

Continuing through the website the shopper realizes that sells clothing for woman, men, and children. Just slightly hovering over the tabs distinctive for woman, the shopper can easily find whatever type of clothing they are looking for. They do not have to go searching around the website just to find a dress, instead it is easily accessible to them. 

The wholesale dresses on this website range from $2 to $70 which means that it is inclusive to anybody of any salary. The woman's section also gives way to a variety of styles anywhere from club wear to formal wear. Hovering over the men's tab there are nearly as many options displayed as the tab for woman's. This is also very unique because most websites have a saturated woman's section, leaving the men's section extremely empty. Men's clothing ranges from $2 to $96. Lastly hovering over the children's tab there are very little options available. Most of the kids clothing is formal wear, suits for boys and girly dresses for the girls. The price range for the children's clothes range from $1.23 to $46. 

This is a great deal for parents because they can purchase inexpensive clothing for their child that is continuously growing out of the clothes they just bought. 

Another unique quality about is the quick shop feature which allows the wholesale shopper to immediately place an item of their choosing into their cart without going into a new tab or leaving the current screen that they are on. I know from experience that whenever a website does not have a similar feature I get extremely frustrated due to constantly losing the current place where I am on their website. There is also a nice cart feature that allows you to see the items in your cart without actually clicking into a new tab. Hovering over the cart also allows the shopper to see their subtotal. 

Another unique feature of is that it allows you to see the ratings of their products so you know that you are getting a good deal. For example when looking at a strappy body con dress for $4.23 the product has a chart to show how the dress fits, the size and measurements of the model, and also the height of some of the customers who reviewed the dress that they purchased. Many times shoppers are left clueless to how a product really fits because they are only given a picture. Having the sizing chart will definitely make shoppers a lot happier and will lead to less returns due to ill fitting clothing. 

Finally, one of the most remarkable features of is that they ship to many different regions and they accept nearly every form of payment. Usually when you purchase something from a website they only accept USD which makes it hard for foreign shoppers to purchase their items. There also does not have to be any currency conversion because of this feature. It is also unique that charges a flat rate for shipping no matter what region you live in. is definitely a wholesale website that everyone should consider shopping from if they would like to purchase inexpensive, good quality merchandise that is fashion forward. This all inclusive website will definitely catch the eye of anybody who surfs it due to its variety of products.