The Top Reasons To Visit “Being popular is overrated.” I’d bet that line makes you think back to your high school years. The days when you told yourself this so you didn’t feel bad about not being one of the “popular” kids. Back then thinking like this would’ve cut it, but in the world of business, though, who you know is everything. One of the major keys to business success is keeping close watch of who you know… and perhaps a sprinkle of hard work never hurt. is a shining example of this sort of success. Standing at the top of the business trade pyramid with over one million products from suppliers. That’s almost double what their toughest competition has!And they said being popular doesn’t pay…But how was able to achieve this you ask? Well, I’ll show you.

What It’s All AboutSince launching in 2005, the company has established itself as a published property of JP Communications INC with the aim of becoming the premier Business to Business link. This entailed using their website as a watering hole to attract wholesalers, importers, distributors, flea marketers, independents and drop shippers. If there’s money to be made around a product, expect to see them involved. Their incredible success over the following decade is credited to their insightful risk-taking strategies in product development and having an impressive variety of partners to couple them with. In June of 2013, the website published its first literature titled “Wholesale 101: A Guide to Product Sourcing For Entrepreneurs and Small Business”. Just a single year later, they celebrated their glorious million-product milestone.

Your Slice of The PieThe website itself promotes interactivity between manufacturer and wholesaler to make it easy to source wholesale products on the web and interact with verified suppliers who offer thousands of products and brands to interact with.Fear, not suppliers, for you also have the tools to become a part of this conversation. As of now, you are able to connect to the most robust buyer’s market on the web, 

This site will introduce you to an assortment of verified manufacturers, liquidators, buyers and distributors to help get your product into the limelight.Their affiliation with Genco Marketplace allows for a market similar to the one you’d find in warehouse communities. However, instead of bidding on lockers, you buy a quick and easy wholesale price on bulk merchandise, saving up to 70-90% on well-known name brand products.By the way, did we mention that all these services are completely and absolutely free?If this is all sounds too good to be true, don’t worry- it isn’t. 

Their Premium Membership comes with all the benefits I’ve mentioned already and more! Your loyalty to is returned in kind as you are granted a verified Supplier Pass which in turn, increases your credibility in the eyes of potential buyers. Premium Membership also allows you unlimited media and product upload space. You’re even able to customize your supplier profile further to give others more insight into your business and product. 

Dive Into An Ocean Of Product Variety. Take Deep Breaths and keep kicking! This may very well be the largest variety of retail products available anywhere. Are you a buyer that needs to outfit your store with some kid friendly summer wear? How about some fashionable sundresses to decorate your display windows? Their apparel section has you covered with detailed descriptions of each supplier, a comprehensive feature list to connect you to the cream of the crop and a selection of manufacturers from almost 30 different countries to help simplify your search. Speaking of simplifying… You can specify even further in categories such as Business Type, Certifications, Business Region and your Target Market Region. With the tick of a couple boxes, you can find what you’re looking for that much faster and make relationships with other potential business partners easier than ever before.All this and we’ve only spoken of apparel!With other popular product choices in handbags, jewelry, consumer electronics, shoes, sunglasses & eye wear to name a few, you can expect to scan thousands of product categories from thousands of trusted suppliers in over 190 countries. If this all seems a little overwhelming, take a deep breath. Their International Wholesale directory is sure to simplify your search and have you up and running in no time. 

You’re Not the Only Boat In This never leaves you lonely. They offer a wide array of community tools to keep you in touch with your favorite fashion manufacturer or general merchandise distributor, whoever you wish to keep tabs on. There is also a comprehensive blog featuring the most current news stories. These range from articles on the returning popularity of collegiate memorabilia or write-ups on the ever evolving fashion sense of today’s men. The news section exists so that you’re kept in touch with the business world around you from the comfort of your computer screen. If you’re looking for something more intimate to highlight a specific topic with others in the community, there’ a forum for that. Have a chat with local and foreign business goers alike to get their perspective on a product you have been eyeballing, or perhaps chat about different fluctuations occurring in industries worldwide. Post your burning questions for all to read and just wait for the replies to flood in. You won’t be wasting time anymore with all this newly acquired knowledge at your fingertips. 

Now it’s Time for You to Get Cracking Let’s say you simply want to locate the best and most current deals available in your area. Trade Shows might then be where you focus your attention. Famous affiliated shows like “CES for the electronic consumer in you” occurs yearly in Las Vegas, Nevada. If fall fashion is more to your taste, STYLEMAX occurs during the month of October. Each show features members exhibiting their wares. Set your watches to remind you of the next trade show near you so you don’t miss out!

Need a Helping Hand? has one for you. With all the most frequently asked questions filtered for your convenience, you may not even need to delve any further. In the event you do, specialized categories on helpful topics are available. These include information on how to buy and sell, details of safety and security while navigating the site or tips on better searching for buyers, suppliers, and products.

Need some more personalized help?Registered members have the privilege of the site’s 24-hour help service to walk them through any further difficulties along their bumpy road of business.Now that you’ve been given the road map, it’s about time you start picking up the right kind of hitchhikers on your journey to success. Don’t be a loner. Join today and experience the ease and comfort of buying and selling a wholesale product with a community ready to help you along the way.