Are you using every sales strategy available to sell your wholesale
and closeout products?

To reach an optimal level of profitability, you need to utilize all
of the marketing tools that can help you increase your sales.
Below are three of my favorite sales strategies which I recommend
to all wholesalers and retailers.

Sales Strategy #1

Use classified ads. There are literally thousands of online
classified ad web sites that allow you to post ads at absolutely no
cost. There are even automated online sites that will place
literally millions of ads for you at the click of a button. In
addition to online sites, there are many publications where you can
place ads for pennies, if they even charge at all.
Craigslist is a great place to sell 
brand name products to retail consumers,
whether you have a selection of Anne Klein dresses
or a closeout lot of Coach handbags.

Sales Strategy #2

eBay. Reach millions of potential customers from across the globe
by simply posting your items up for sale. Not only will you be able
to sell your products, but you will gain a tremendous amount of
potential customers through the marketing power of your eBay

Sales Strategy #3
Compile your own list of leads. Whenever a customer, or prospective
customer, gets ready to leave your business premises, ask for their
contact information. This way you can follow up with them, weeks,
and even months later. You would be surprised at how happy people
are when you give them a friendly reminder that you have a new
selection of products.
You want to have notes for your wholesale buyers such
as if they prefer Tahari women's suits, Calvin Klein office dresses,
or Ralph Lauren children's clothing.

I have personally used all of these sales strategies at one point
or another, and I can assure you that they can produce some pretty
good results when done right.