Another interesting segment of the fashion market is the

demand for wholesale mother of the bride dresses.

This segment can potentially be very lucrative for

boutiques, especially if they are already selling bridal gowns.

Some of the most high end suppliers in the New York Fashion

District focus specifically on this retail category.

Below is a review of some of the most fashionable designer

lines that carry are involved in this corner of the fashion world.

Mr K:

Without any scintilla of doubt, Mr K has been in the fashion industry for over

forty years. Mr K is an expert designer that focuses on unique event wear and

cost-effective evening garments. Due to its unique approach of design, women

love and know Mr K's brand to be one of the best in the industry. Mothers who

want affordable wears often like to use the Mr K brand.

The elegance, style and

twin sets have made Mr K one of the best brands for a mother of the bride garments.

From a line skirt and chiffon gowns to long sequin, Mr K displays a high-level of

competence in lady's wears.

When considering a reputable and strong brand

that match jackets and dresses, Mr K is adorable. If you want to look elegant

and glam can opt for the Mr K mother of the bride clothes.

Carla Zampatti:

As one of Australian's most dependable and reliable designers,

Carla Zampatti has created a brand that stands unique until today. Carla is

popularly known for its smart cuts and amazing tailoring. Carla does not

only design clothes for bridesmaids and brides but also help you find outfits that look great.

You can get an elegant and classic jacket with Carla as well. Mothers who are great and chic can

as well remain modern by using Carla's clothes. One of Carla's trendy clothes

is the mother of the bride wears.


If you are looking for a brand that increases local feminine silhouettes and provides a plethora

of elegant statement clothes, then Queenspark is the place to visit. As a mother that cares

for bright colors and rich textures, Queenspark wears will always make you look bold.

Queenspark focuses in small and plus sizes and understands how to design the power of

celebrity clothes. Women who love the stylish and cost-effective mother

of the bride dresses can visit this store.

White Runway:

In terms of personalized gowns and ready-to-wear clothes, White Runway

remains the biggest marketer and supplier. This store is proud to unleash

over one hundred and twenty-five mother of the bride wears.

You can find

above the knee long sleeve peplum wears, amazing floor length gowns,

one shoulder dresses and even wrap dresses.


George is known for including the latest global trends and styles in its clothing

collections. George is fashion advanced and only offers well-tailored dresses. The

outfits of George are ethereal and inspiring from Grecian empire line gowns to

wonderful embellishments.


If you are looking for one of the best mothers of the bride dresses, then the five brands in

mentioned will not fail shoppers. All you have to do is check the different

websites attributed to each store and connect with wholesale suppliers,

such as myself, that carry either these brands, or similar high end designer fashion at closeout prices.