When a customer walks into your warehouse, store, boutique, or
calls you on the phone, don't sell them the first product that
comes to mind. Sit them down and evaluate their needs, then sell
them the products that meet their needs.

By offering them right product, you will impress them, and keep
them coming back.
Although a customer might initially come in looking for casual
dresses, she might end up interested in purchasing social dresses
once you take the time to evaluate her needs.

Wholesale Casual Dresses:

Wholesale Social Dresses:

I once worked with a guy in the financial industry, who was one of
the best at explaining the benefits and features of our products,
the only problem was, he was spending so much of his time
explaining, but never selling anything.

He never sold anything because he never took the time to get to
know what his customer's needs were, therefore he was attempting to
sell them things that they didn't really need.

Nobody will buy things that they don't need.

This is why it is so very important to evaluate your customer.

Start off by making your customer as comfortable as you possibly
can, talk about non-business topics such as the weather, sports, or
a current event.

Be genuine, and show the customer that you are really interested in
getting to know him or her.

I have made some great wholesale customers and friends this way!

Once you and your customer have built a good enough rapport, start
to ask some questions so that you may evaluate your customer's

You can begin by finding out why your customer came into see you in
the first place. Find out what products they already have. Find out
if they already deal with one of your competitors. If so, find out
all you can about the products and services they have with your
competitor, so that you may compare closeout products and wholesale prices. 
This is a perfect opportunity to let your customer know how much better your
overstock clothing, brand name shoes, designer handbags, etc., 
are compared to your competitors.

Find out what it is they need and can afford, than sell them the
wholesale products you believe to be ideal for their needs.

Once you have evaluated your customer, the chances of making a sale
will be very good, because you will now be offering your customer
something they need and can use, so they will most likely buy it.

The last thing a customer wants to hear about, is a bunch of stuff
they don't need. They have a reason for coming into see you, so
find out what that reason is and do all you can to satisfy their

Don't waste your time trying to push off all of your excess products on
them at once. This time can be better spent evaluating them.

Get to know your customer, evaluate their needs, then meet their
needs with the appropriate products.

By evaluating your customer before you sell, you will find that the
sales process will come much easier to you.

Remember, the wholesale and retail business are based on long term
customer relationships.

I always try to keep my customers happy so that I can have a long
term business relationship with them.