When most people think of handbags
they automatically think of 
the major brands such
as Coach, Michael Kors,
Calvin Klein, Nine West,
Louis Vuitton, Gucci, 
Kate Spade, Guess,
and other leading brands.

While there is a
tremendous market for
wholesale brand name designer
labels, there is also
a strong market for fashion labels.

Fashion handbags are essentially
private label, and can have similar
design quality and craftsmanship
to the designer ones, but without
the label.

Some of the handbags
might carry the label
of an up and coming designer,
while other bags might
have a generic label, or
no label at all.

There are factories
in China, and elsewhere,
that specialize in
producing fashionable
and stylish bags for high end retailers.

So it is possible to source
genuine and authentic pocketbooks
that are of the same caliber as
the brand name ones.

Now that does not mean that
every fashion handbag
will be similar in style or
quality to the designer ones.

The reality is that brand name
merchandise generally speaking
is substantially better than private
label merchandise.

The internationally recognizable
fashion companies are
able to hire the top designers
and can afford the best
quality materials for their

Having said this, you can still
find plenty of high end fashion handbags
that can be just as good, if not
better, than some of the selections
you will find at your leading department

I would not be surprised
if a factory in China was producing
handbags for various brands under
their own labels.

In theory, the factory could
produce similar quality handbags
for you that utilized your own
proprietary design and label.

Keep in mind that many of the
designer labels that have become
so famous originally started out
as private labels that were
created in the lonely studios
of up and coming designers.

As the popularity of the designers
increased, the demand for the designers'
bags increased as well, and often
with a corresponding increase in 
both the retail and wholesale prices.

While the reality is that most
designers will not attain the
prominence of the top 
fashion houses, you just might
discover a line of private label
pocketbooks by a future
fashion superstar.

The challenge is that even
if you are convinced of the
potential of the fashion bags,
you still need to convince your
customer that the fashion
label has potential.

First, we need to find the
merchandise in order to
sell it.

You can start out by visiting the
New York Fashion District, or
the closest fashion district to you.

There are many fashion centers
throughout the world, including
in the United States, Europe,
and Africa, so you might be
able to find one that does not
require you to travel internationally.

Once you arrive
at a fashion district, locate the
handbag showrooms.

You would want to visit various
handbag showrooms and establish
a business relationship with them.

They might be looking for a 
boutique that can help them gain attention,
or even a distributor that can help
distribute their bags into a new market.

For example, if you have a store
located in Nigeria, you might
to form a business relationship with
a designer through which she 
would give you the exclusive
rights to sell her fashion bags in

You can take the same approach
for any market provided that you
can convince the handbag brand owner
that you can effectively market
his or her merchandise.

Even if you don't gain exclusivity
you should consider purchasing the
handbags if you are confident
that you can sell them in your local

If you are not able to
visit the NY Fashion District,
or any fashion center for that
matter, you can search
for trade groups that
represent handbag manufacturers.

The objective of these trade groups
is to create business for their members,
which is why their members pay them.

Be specific in the type of 
merchandise that you
are looking for so that you
can be connected to the right

I would also recommend
searching for wholesalers
that specialize in 
fashion handbags.

While most of the handbags 
will not be leather, keep
in mind that many of the brand
name handbags are not made
out of leather anymore either.

You can take a look
at a handbag directory
for which I am an affiliate
by visiting 

The directory will provide
you with the contact information
for many wholesalers that
specialize in the handbag business.

You are also welcome to visit my
warehouse, or you can send someone,
and I will be happy to show you
selection of high quality and
very fashionable pocketbooks
and handbags at closeout prices.

When it comes time to sell
the handbags you can always
use the same sales channels
that you would use when selling
any wholesale or closeout product.

The only challenge I can think
of is that you will have to put in more
effort than when selling products
made by known brands.

The reason is because customers
might not be familiar with the
labels of your bags, so you
will have spend time fully describing
why people should be interested in
the bags.

I would recommend printing out
any articles and reviews that you
can find for the fashion products
that you will be selling.

On the upside, since the
wholesale price of fashion merchandise
is lower than that of brand name merchandise,
you can potentially make more when selling
the bags.

If you do connect with a showroom
that has introduced a new line,
and you form a good relationship
with them at the beginning, you
might end up benefiting tremendously
as their line gains popularity
in the media.

Although you should negotiate
to get the best possible wholesale
prices, also consider the
value of having a long term
relationship with an and up
coming pocketbook supplier.

Imagine if you had been able to
get an exclusive distributorship,
or super low wholesale closeout price,
when Kate Spade handbags were
first produced?

For all we know the next
Coach or Kate Spade is waiting
to be discovered by you.