Have you considered selling

wholesale dresses on eBay?

eBay has an immense international

customer reach that makes it ideal

for the selling of wholesale dresses.

What makes eBay such an attractive

marketplace is that the customer traffic

is already there, meaning that you don't

have to spend money on advertising

in an attempt to attract shoppers.

And yes, the auction giant can work

wonders whether you are selling to

retailers or directly to consumers.

Now while there are

millions of people

looking for all kinds of products,

including clothing, that does not mean that

you can simply put

up a brand name Calvin Klein dress 

for auction and expect that millions

of people will see your listing.

Before we even proceed

you have to understand that you

will need to have merchandise

that people are looking for,

or products that can fit the

need for which people are 

already searching for.

So with the example of dresses,

you can either focus on designers

that people are familiar with,

or describe what you

have for sale so that it

catches the attention of shoppers.

For example, you can explain how

your dress is perfect for the prom season.

This way you will have the opportunity

to have your dress seen by a girl

who is getting ready to attend her


But the best part is that if done

right you can literally sell

over a million dollars of wholesale

clothes on the e-commerce


You can search online and 

read all the stories

of successful eBay business

people who started out from a

spare bedroom.

To succeed you still will have to master a few

eBay marketing strategies

to maximize the number of

prospective customers that

will see your dress auctions.

And it's important to make it clear

that while eBay is known as the 

world's largest online auction website,

you can also place a buy it now price

for your dresses, so you are not just 

limited to the auction format.

And you can also set up an eBay

dress store, this way people who

see your listings can also

visit your store and see what

other designer dresses you have available

for sale.

People who find your

eBay dress store can also visit your

auction listings, so you can gain traffic

to both your auction and store listings

from each other.

A really big advantage of starting an

eBay store for your dresses is that 

the store can show up in the organic

search engine results. In other words,

let's your store is called New York Wholesale

Dresses. If someone searches for 

a variation of that phrase they might

see your eBay shop in the search engine


As you grow your online business

I would recommend that you

add complimentary items

that will appeal to the customers

that are already responding to your

fashion offerings.

So let's focus on the actual process of

selling dresses on eBay. But before

we go on you need to check out the

various fees and current eBay policies,

since they can change at any time.

For starters, there are two main 

elements that you need to be proficient

at in order to maximize your eBay sales.

If you are not proficient at either of these

you can hire someone or contract the 

work out. There are many service

providers that help eBay sellers grow and

run their businesses.

These two important elements are

content writing and photography.

Content writing is the process of professionally writing

an exciting description that draws eBay shoppers

to your listings, and motivates these shoppers

to place a bid, use the buy it now option, or send you a 


Photography is the process of taking professional

looking pictures which highlight the beautiful

fashion of your dresses, which in turn

will encourage shoppers to want to

buy them.

Let's first go over some tips for content writing.

You are going to want an exciting and vibrant

description that lists the benefits of the

dresses that you are listing. If your dresses

are suitable for office jobs, then you need to

make this clear. If your dresses are

perfect for outdoor sporting events, you

need to express this. The more extensively

you describe your dresses, the more

people will be interested in them.

You also want to write a keyword rich

fashion description. Remember, you

want your dresses to appeal

to people, and their fashion appeal

is crucial.

You also want to use as many keywords

as possible to help your

eBay auctions appear towards the top of the

search results when someone searches

for dresses on the auction website.

If you feel that your dresses would appeal to

a very specific market that might be

willing to bid or pay more for them, then

you need to a description that will draw the

attention of this market.

Now let's discuss photography.

When taking pictures of your dresses

it's important to remember that

the background is really important.

People are going to make a decision

based on the entire picture, because

they are trying to appraise you as a

seller, and are not just making their

buying decision based on the item

in your listing.

Think of the difference

between seeing a 

$1,000 gown pictured

on a table, as compared

to elegantly displayed on a mannequin.

This is why professional photographers

either use a screen as a background or

take a great deal of care in making

sure that the background matches the

image that the seller wants to have 

for her business and for her products.

You might want to consider taking a picture

of the dress while someone is wearing it,

this way you can show people a relataeble

image, or you can use a professional model

if you prefer.

If you cannot afford to hire a model

from a modeling agency, you

can contact fashion schools

and see if they can refer an

aspiring model to you.

It's very important that your picture

clearly shows any details which might

be of importance to a shopper. If the

garment has a unique belt, zipper,

or bead pattern, you want people

to know.

This will help you maximize sales and

minimize returns.

One important thing to mention is

that selling on eBay can be very time intensive,

from answering inquiries, to processing orders,

to taking care of returns, and so on.

If you do not have the time to personally 

run an eBay business, you can hire 

someone to do it for you.

In the event that this option is not feasible

or practical for you, you can find an eBay seller

that will sell your wholesale merchandise

for you in exchange for a commission,

which will be a percentage of the final sales


You should shop around, as well as negotiate

the sales commission, but remember

that it can be worthwhile to pay a

higher commission to an experienced

eBay seller with a high feedback rating.

Since the seller has a great deal of experience,

and customers trust her because of her

high feedback, she might be

able to get you a higher price for your

clothes than another seller might be

able to.

Like any business, it can seem

overwhelming initially, but you

just need to take the first step

like thousands of other online entrepreneurs

have done before you!