Selling kids wear is a very marketable sector as the rate of growth in children is rapid just like today's technology. Kids easily outgrow their clothes and they wear out easily due to their active daily life.  


However, it is not a smooth sail to the end as there are a few challenges especially if you doing your business online which lacks the personal touch with your clients. 


Socks are an everyday wear for any child from toddlers to school going children. They are also prone to getting lost. More often a pair will be missing their partner. Hence, the only option is to get a new pair to replace the lost one. This is a very viable business idea.


What does it involve?


To be successful in this sector, you need to go low and place yourself in the shoes in this case socks of that kid. Let your socks be kid's inspired. If you targeting girls, let the socks be pretty and bright colors. Boys love a bit dull colors bit don’t forget to add some sense of fashion into your products.


You need to be flexible. Online market targets different types of people with different needs. Target different age groups from toddlers, infants and even teenagers. You need to know what each age or gender requires.


Patience is a virtue. Different parents need desire different needs for their children. Sometimes these needs vary with those of the children. This means that socks maybe returned after delivery and requests for exchanges will be unending. Be patient with them.


Stable capital source. Selling kids socks online may be challenging due to the lack of personal touch. You need capital to start up, market your products, as well as delivery resources.


Views from Parents


Parents prefer to have the best available brand and the most efficient cost. Sometimes they are willing to forgo the expensive costs and buy quality brands that will last for longer. They also have different preference for different age groups. 


It becomes a bit hectic for parents as socks are very vulnerable to getting lost. Parents prefer a reliable source of socks that is reliable and always on call. 


Different Brands of Kids Socks


There are many brands of kids socks available in the market. 


Trumpette socks tops in the list of baby socks. They come in a variety of mix and match patterns and colors and they are also warm and comfy for babies' delicate skin.


Triple-roll socks comes as the best brand for preschoolers and toddlers. Their a bit dull colors suit perfectly for the extra active kids. The dirt is easily camouflaged.



Other favorite brands include;

· Smartwool

· Darn Tough

· Stance

· Patagonia

· Bridgedal

· Balega




Establishing how to sell kids socks online is a viable business opportunity. With adequate research, capital, and wholesale sources, an online seller can get started. It maybe challenging in the beginning but once you get the hitch of it you will be making a happy dance to the bank.

In addition to using established e-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Pinterest, and Etsy, I would recommend starting your own sock website. By having your own fashion website you can establish your ow brand and attract a strong customer following.