Sammy Dress, found at, has made a mark for itself in the world of wholesale fashion. The company supplies fashionable clothing items and accessories globally through its online platform.

You can search on YouTube for videos of customers unpacking and reviewing the orders that they have received from the wholesale website.

Be aware that it is possible that some of those videos can be paid testimonials, so check the video description or contact the company before relying on any video.

More particularly, Sammy Dress stocks a wide variety of the latest products in women’s clothing, men’s clothing, wigs, lingerie, fashion jewelry, casual dresses, accessories and bags, shoes for men and women, and children’s toys. They also supply lifestyle and home and living products, as well as tons of fantastic gift items. 

The company is committed to the highest quality at the lowest prices, allowing shoppers an unprecedented online shopping experience for the trendiest of fashion clothing and accessories. What is more, those who shop with Sammy Dress can expect an interactive user and customer service experience irrespective of their location. 

As a wholesaler, Sammy Dress seeks to provide its global clientele with the high quality products they are looking for but at competitively low prices right from the factory. This way, those who buy more get to save even more.

To cater to its steadily-growing international customer base, the official website at is now available in most of the major world languages. This way, personal buyers in Italy searching for the latest in fashion clothing can easily find what they are looking for – just as easily as a business wholesaler or a small town store owner in the U.S. would.

Shoppers who choose Sammy Dress are at a particular advantage because of the high quality of the products sold, the wholesale pricing, the dedicated and personalized professional service, and the fast delivery of orders. All of these are further underpinned by the global outreach that the company wields.

Why Shop At Sammy Dress? 

Although in certain markets, such as in the New York Fashion District, there are

many wholesale sources for fashion apparel, buyers outside of NY 

can benefit from an online wholesale source.

For newbies as well as for those who have already had an experience at this shopping platform, there are a number of reasons to continue placing orders from the wide variety of high quality fashion products on sale. These reasons include, but are not limited to:

a) The Catalog

For starters, Sammy Dress has one of the largest fashion catalogs on the internet. Anyone looking for trendsetting high quality styles and products will be able to find them on the website.

b) Product Turnover

In the same way, the company always sources and adds the latest cutting-edge fashion pieces to its website. This ensures that no shopping experience is ever the same – what is available today will be replaced by something more suave, classy, and elegant the next day.

c) Diversity

Further, Sammy Dress understand that its massive global customer base comes with varying needs and requirements. To satiate this diversity in demand, it stocks the best of everything you can hope to buy online in wholesale fashion.

d) Product Lines

Unlike other wholesale fashion websites, the company has created one that features 20,000+ product lines. By so doing, Sammy Dress is able to offer an online shopping experience into the world of style but with the lowest prices you will find anywhere.

e) Pricing

The prices of the fashion pieces on sale at are set as received at the factory. This is possible because of the strong and extensive relationships Sammy Dress has developed with fashion manufacturers in China and elsewhere in the world.

Due to these relationships, the company is able to supply customers with high quality signature pieces at the lowest of prices. Further, the wholesaler is committed to working with other wholesalers around the world to deliver the best deals available in the market.

f) Professional Speed

The company displays great professionalism in its packaging, customer service, and answers to inquiries. It also goes one step ahead to ensure that all orders placed are shipped fast.

Sammy Dress manages all of these because of the long-term partnerships it has formed with such leading global carriers as DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Orders are also expertly handled by the professional team of warehouse personnel contracted by the company. This means that customers will get to enjoy expert packaging in accordance with the exacting and rigorous standards set by the wholesaler.

Day in, day out, ships out its merchandise to thousands of customers located at every reach of the globe. It is able to do this because of its commitment to maintaining its status as one of the leading global fashion retail companies on the internet. 

What is more, it has distribution and warehouse hubs in Europe, the U.S., and Asia – all of which are set to ensure that all products passing through them are checked carefully against the order made and securely packaged before they are shipped to clients. 

g) Customer Service

As part of its value added to customers, has a professional customer service department available around the clock to assist clients. The staff working in this department is fully trained to answer any inquiry or take up suggestions on the latest offerings and trends. This is mostly because Sammy Dress constantly ads new products to its online catalog. 

Unique Products at

Sammy Dress stocks a great variety of high quality fashion statement pieces. These include clothing for men, children, and women as well as haute couture accessories such as shoes, watches, jewelry, and purses. 

Some of the products on sale at the, to this end, include:

- Cocktail Dresses

- Oversized Sweaters

- Graphic Hoodies

- Turtleneck Sweater Dresses

- Bomber Jacket

- Jogger Pants

- Shirts

- Accessories

- Mermaid Blankets

- LED Night Lights

- Choker Necklaces

- GENEVA Women Watches

- 5-in-1 Outdoor Survival Bracelets

Although you won't find merchandise from brand name such as

Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, or Guess, you

will find highly fashionable private label products.

Overall Verdict 

Based out of China, is one of the leading online stores for fashion clothing. The wholesaler provides customers with the high quality trendy clothing and accessories they are looking for. What is more, Sammy Dress always sells at factory-direct pricing regardless of the customer’s location.

From wedding dresses and cosplay costumes, to women’s clothing, lingerie, wigs, and sports bags, there is something for everything on Since the company is a wholesaler, there are also attractive discounts for those customers who choose to buy in bulk. 

Overall, therefore, Sammy Dress is a reputable company with an attractive catalog filled with different fashion styles. For the savvy shopper and the fashion wholesaler alike, this is an excellent platform to choose from the vast array of brand new products added to the website on a daily basis.