A wide range of off-quality clothing grades enjoys the professional offers and ample availability at northpines.org. The wholesale company provides a variety of items. First quality clothing is a priority; some offers, however, tackle the demand of customers who embark on seconds or similar types of outfit. The latter may be subject to slight defects – spots, color or knitting concerns, etc. - available during the production procedures. In any case, the company guarantees the customer’s satisfaction with the goods and services via the following approaches, among others:


*a refund is possible;

*a return authorization may be issued within a limited period of time.


North Pines follow a strict policy line in this respect, and the solution may be tailored according to the requirements of the client. 


A proficient approach is exercised in terms of payment, too. If a customer refrains from providing credit card details online, the company opts for a payment mode via phone. The PayPal method, too, belongs to the payment toolbox. 


Discounts fall, too, within the strategy of the company. For orders going over two hundred dollars, the shipping costs may be reduced by more than twenty percent. The benefit, however, is possible only for shipments embracing the Continental United States. Certainly, a same-day shipment is an option that works par excellence. 


The clothing and other items at northpines.org reaps the interests and needs of all family members:

*Cargo or boy’s denim shorts, or color T-shirts promise a genuine tease for the younger male members. 

*Girls may be overwhelmingly tempted by a fashion top, a zebra print or a “Justin Taylor” shawl.

*The wide range of sundresses, “Mari Clare’ maxi dresses or rayon fashion pairs of pants constitute the variety of the most preferred fashion items for ladies. At northpines.org, they do not run into trouble finding the proper underwear that fits their skin and color or corresponds to their fabric or model preferences. A pair of sunglasses, known as “Compare to…” different famous brands, may be the finishing touch of a short crepe dress with lining. 

*The hot items for the gentlemen embrace flannel or Camo shirts and T-shirts with long or short sleeves; tank tops and Jersey shorts; jeans and vintage jackets… The Big Men category helps the male customers build their own identity. Various types of hats sit pleasantly between a practical option or a trendy one. The men’s underwear enjoys different patterns and colors with a sole purpose to be comfortable and in line with the preference.


Specific offers include scrub pants and nursing shoes.


A bunch of items provides the advantage of discounts and promotions under certain conditions. The company’s experts are integrated into a comprehensive approach of shedding light on possible options, solutions or tackling customers’ concerns through direct communication. 


Visiting northpines.org brings home value for money.


The full coordinates of North Pines are as follows:


North Pines, Inc.

210 Hill str., Suite J

Salisbury, NC 28144



Contact: 877-637-3456


For international orders: 


Tel.: 704-637-3456 


Fax: 704-637-5123 or


email: northpines@fibrant.com


The same email account may be used by customers placing a request to be included in the company’s list for offers, promotions, etc.