New York Wholesale Fashion Handbags

These premium quality New York wholesale handbags are either faux leather or cloth,

which is what many of the top brand name handbags are made with.

These handbags were the closeout inventory of a high end designer company located in the New York Fashion District.

These high end fashion handbags are usually sold under boutique labels.

I purchased these overstock and closeout handbags directly from the boutique brand.

These handbags are regularly sold by the New York fashion brand to discount retailers such as Marshalls, Zulily, and to high end department stores and boutiques.

All of the handbags are in brand new condition.

With original retail values of up to $100 each, your wholesale closeout price is 


$19.99 Each

50 Or More $14.99 Each

Orders are packed with an assortment of

different handbags.

You are welcome to visit the warehouse to

make your own selection.