New York Wholesale Fashion District

The New York Wholesale Fashion District is located in Manhattan, primarily between 35th to 38th st, between 6th and 9th ave. 

The district consists of store level showrooms, corporate offices, accessory suppliers, store fixture sellers, designers, and alteration shops.

You will find established designer labels such as Tahari, Nine West, Tally Taylor, and other up and coming labels.

You can find direct importers of wholesale fashion and jobbers who specialize in fashion closeouts.

The NYC Fashion District is a very vibrant market which is visited by wholesale buyers who have boutiques throughout the world.

Retailers from the United States, Nigeria, Trinidad, Barbados, Kenya, and from many other countries visit the New York Garment Center to stock up their shops.

This in turn attracts many clothing wholesalers and brands that open up wholesale showrooms in the area.