The New York Wholesale Dress Market

The New York wholesale dress market

is huge and complex.

You have a wide range of wholesale

businesses involved in the buying and

selling of dresses in NYC.

You have brands that sell through their

own showrooms, like Tahari, Calvin Klein,

and Nine West, and Tally Taylor.

These brands have their own showrooms through

which you can purchase their latest styles.

You might have to set up a corporate account,

meet certain buying requirements, 

need to purchase a certain minimum

quantity, and have to buy their dresses

at the full wholesale price.

There is always room to negotiate,

but especially with established brands

your negotiating power is limited due

to the fact that many international

and national retailers are also 

purchasing dresses from them.

If a brand is already wholesaling

dresses to department stores

such as Macy's and JC Penny's,

their need to unload dresses

to an individual boutique

is small.

On the other hand, even the largest

brands can get stuck with

dresses from a previous season.

So if you are willing to purchase

last season wholesale overstock

you should have the opportunity

to get some really good below

wholesale prices on dresses.

Besides the internationally established

and well known brands, there are many

boutique and up and coming dress brands

that are trying to establish their foothold

in the market.

If you believe that your customers

would be interested in buying

stylish dresses by unknown brands,

then you should consider these dresses

as well.

Many New York dress showrooms

carry their own private label brands,

and often the dresses are just as nice,

and even nicer, than those made by

the well known designers.

Many overseas factories

produce brands for more

than one brand, so often

you can see that the 

quality and style of dresses

by different brands are

very similar.

You can also find wholesale dresses

by established brands such as

R&M Richards.

In my opinion, R&M Richards makes

some of the most stylish and high quality

dresses that you will find in the market,

on par with Ralph Lauren for example.

The next time you visit Macy's, take

a look at the R&M Richards and Ralph Lauren

dresses and you will see the similarity

in quality and style.

One of the challenges and opportunities

in the New York wholesale dress market is the 

many layers that you will have to navigate.

You will find showrooms by the brands,

showrooms by independent wholesalers

representing multiple brands, jobbers,

wholesale stores, and even retail stores

that are willing to sell their excess products

at below the regular wholesale price.

I would recommend that when you

visit the New York Fashion District

that you take your time going into

the buildings in the area.

Many of the dress showrooms are in upper 

floors, so you will want to look at

the tenant directory in the lobby

and see which brands are located

in the building.

You can always then call them

and ask to come up to see their

wholesale merchandise.

You should also ask them for their

websites so that you can see their

wholesale offerings at your convenience.

The last point I would share with you

is that you should be both focused

on the type of dresses that you

need, but also flexible enough to

be open to new opportunities.

You might just make a great deal

for dresses by a brand that you

are unfamiliar with, which can turn into

your best selling item.

Remember, all of the established dress brands,

from Anne Klein to Guess to Jessica McClintock,

all started from the imagination of a designer.

You might even make a deal to be

the exclusive wholesale or retail seller

for a brand in your market.

One of the best kept secrets in the
market is the existence of
closeout warehouses, like my
business, where you can buy
brand name and designer dresses
at below wholesale prices.

The way I am able to do this
is by purchasing overstock from
department stores and closeouts directly
from the brands.

By having the right connections

and buying power I can give my customers

below wholesale prices on the dresses that they want.

You are welcome to visit my warehouse the next time you are in New York, or you

can place an order online.