What is Swap meet?

A swap meet, or simply a Flea market, is a bazaar that allows vendors to rent places of their choice to barter their merchandise. Flea markets can be set up annually to daily, and can be of many types, ranging from clothes and baked foods to used electrical goods. This is generally recommended for a business as there is no need for lots of money to open a shop and is proved to be a source of income for retired and unemployed people.

The best ideas for a booming Flea Market sale:

In order for your booth or vendor stall to be successful, you have to understand what people usually come to buy or bargain, with some great examples given below:

Wholesale Clothing:

Clothing, especially T-shirts, can sell like hot cakes! You just need to invest a ferew hundred dollars in desirable brand name merchandise, and start attracting customers to your booth. And if you have the right merchandise, you can even take orders for your customers.

Wholesale Wallpapers and Display Posters: 

Large images of things people love will inevitably drive them crazy, forcing them to buy it. However, this requires you to know what the people in that area usually like. For example, if the people in the neighbourhood love anime, posters of new and famous animes are definitely going to be best-sellers.

Closeout DVD’s and Games:

If you opt to this, make sure you buy the disks from reputable wholesalers as almost all people buy Blu-ray discs, classics and video games, especially if they’re cheap and affordable.

Overstock Jewelry:

It is generally recommended as they sell all year around. Another way to make money is through making Handcrafted jewelry similar to high-priced ones, so that people who can’t afford that will surely buy yours.


Shelf Pull Cheap toys:

If your locality is filled with toddlers and screaming children, this choice is great for you! Make sure to sell it for low price like 1 or $2, as you don’t want to have no customers because of high prices!

Overstock Covers and Cases:

This choice is really good if you have tech savvies who love to show off their phones and e-book readers by purchasing new covers from time to time. This road in a flea market is bound to get great sales, considering the amount of people who buy them because of their cheap prices.

Fresh Produce:

If you have someone you know that has a bakery, this option can open big ways for your business. As people are getting more aware of the truth of processed and preserved foods, they are turning back in favour of fresh ones. So, you can get a huge boost in profit during harvest seasons, even more if you price them right!



If you live in NYC, you’re pretty lucky, because there’s a ton of markets filled with active vendors and eager customers.

Here are some:

1. Artists & Fleas

2. Brooklyn Flea, DUMBO

3. Chelsea Flea Market

4. Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

5. Bushwick Flea

6. Brooklyn Flea, Williamsburg

7. Queens International Night Market

8. Rock N’ Shop

9. Nolita Market

10.Winter Flea + Smorgasburg