Hi everyone, this is Donny Lowy from closeoutexplosion.com. Hope you're doing well. Today, I'd like to discuss with you the New York garment district wholesale shopping tours. As you know, the New York garment district wholesale center has a lot of wholesalers, showrooms, closeout brokers, designers, clothing brands that have their showrooms, warehouses, offices. So there are a lot of opportunities to buy really good wholesale deals with their brands, boutique labels, private labels. in the garment district. The challenge is finding all the designers and the showrooms and the brokers and the jobbers who deal in this merchandise because while there are a lot of street-level store fronts where you could visit the showrooms and make your own selection, a lot of the showrooms are located inside buildings. They could be on… imagine on the 8th floor, on a side street, and you might not know about them and they may have a really good deal for you. 

So there are businesses that organize shopping tours. I've seen one business, I saw them on getyourguide.com. They offer tours at $110 per person, and for four hours, they take you around to all the different, you know, wholesale showrooms and different designers, so that's one option. Now what I would recommend is, if you… the first step you should use if you're not familiar with the area at all is go online. There are free resources there are guides that lists many different wholesalers and designers that are there. You can get a directory that will give you a list of different wholesalers and different showrooms. You can also walk around the area, visit the showrooms yourself. 

Another option is to go into the buildings, introduce yourself to the door man. They should have someone there who provides information on the building, they'll have a directory listing all the tenants. They might not allow you to walk into the building without an appointment, but they should be able to give you a list of all the different designers and the wholesalers in that building, and then you can go ahead and you can then call them up, send them an email, make an appointment with them. Many times, you could call them up, and right there, they'll give you permission to go upstairs and to see their showroom in person. So while you can definitely have a tour arranged, there are definitely ways to save that money by either doing the research online or just walking around the neighborhood by yourself. 

Even internationally known brands, such as Calvin Klein, Tahari, Nine West, and Ralph Lauren,

are always looking to increase their sales. Provided that you approach them in a 

professional and courteous manner, they should be willing to talk you.

Now another thing you could do is once you go into one wholesale showroom and you establish a connection with him or her, then they can refer you to other wholesalers, and to other jobbers, and to other designers that carry the type of merchandise that you're looking for and that'll definitely, you know, save you a lot of time to help you make some really good connections that even the organizer of a tour might not know about. See, the tenants change very often, designers come and go in New York, so a designer that is around one week might not be around the next week, and the new designer might come into the market. So you wanted to do a lot of footwork, make connections, do your research online. There are definitely some really good opportunities in New York wholesale garment district, so take advantage of them. If you have any questions, you can call or email me. 

Thank you and have a great day.