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New York City otherwise known as the city of New York is the most populous city in the United States of America. New York City exerts so much significant impact on fashion, research, technology, commerce, finance, media, education and entertainment. This is a hub for various activities you can think of.

The Garment District on the other hand is located in borough of Manhattan which is in New York City. Garment District is also called the fashion city or center because of the vast fashion related activities that goes on there. Over the years, this District has been known throughout the United States as the center for fashion design and manufacturing. This is invariable a home to key players in thousands of fashion industry businesses. Vast supply of apparels, accessories, textiles and more can be sort for in this City. There is never a shortage to activities you can get involved in on getting to this city. The art festival speaks volume of the high level of creativity that could be portrayed the city.

Garment District Alliance

The Garment District Alliance was formed in 1993 to help in improving the quality of life and economic viability of Manhattan’s garment District. Over $80 million USD has been invested in this District by this not-to-profit organization. They work in partnership with businesses and local building owners to achieve their goals.

There are so many programs organized by the Garment District Alliance to endure a unique and vibrant neighborhood. The lists of the various programs are as follows:

· Economic Development and Real Estate Industry Data

Surveys are conducted to get data from over 6000+ companies that do business in the District. This is to enable them know the businesses operating, promote the area effectively and ascertain business to attract. With the data obtained reports are published to show various economic indicators such as the hotel occupancy rates, retail potential, household income, employment numbers, pedestrian counts, vacancy survey and so much more.

· Tourism and Promotions

The district is a hub for tourist activities. The high level or fashion related activities make the city a welcoming place for lovers of aesthetic fashionable apparels. A lot appealing events and activities such as the Fashion walk of Fame, Walking Tours, Sidewalk catwalk, Kite Flight, Tour de Fashion and Plaza arts program are obtainable I the district.

· Fashion Industry resources

The District is always reckoned with its fashion activities. The industry is large and houses key players in the fashion industry. Garment District Alliance is focused on strengthening the industry through event organizations, economic programs and partnerships.

· Environmental Beatification

The aesthetic view of the city is greatly enhanced by this not-to-profit organization. In order to create an attractive and hospitable environment, they have gone a long way to decorate the lampposts, organize fashion walk of fame, and also the giant needle and button sculpture which is a memorable sight to behold. The horticultural practice is top-notch because of the seasonal trees and flowers used to adorn the city, making the city bright and more beautiful.

· Public Services

For a safe and clean environment, uniformed sanitation and public safety guards are fully employed. They provide specialized services such as street sweeping, sidewalk steam cleaning, street furniture painting and graffiti removal. The NYPD works with the uniformed public safety officials to maintain a safe and peaceful environment. A safe environment enables businesses to thrive well.