New York in my opinion is the
global center for wholesale fashion.

The New York Fashion district might
no longer be the garment manufacturing
center of the world, but it is still
one of the top, if not the top, destination
for fashion buyers and sellers.

And you might be surprised to
discover that wholesale garments are
still manufactured in NYC.

Take a walk around the New York Garment
District and you will find the offices for
many of the top brands such as Tahari
and Calvin Klein, showrooms for
the world's most fashionable designers
such as Michael Kors and Nine West,
and wholesale shops carrying some
of the most amazing closeout deals
on authentic designer clothes for boutique
labels such as R&M Richards and Tally Taylor.

You can also find clothing warehouses
throughout the five boroughs.

For instance, my business, 
Closeout Explosion, is located
in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

You can find many Chinese importers
located as well in Brooklyn and in

And although New Jersey
is a separate State, there
are some pretty good 
clothing suppliers
within driving distance
from Manhattan.

When it comes to shopping
at these NYC clothing wholesalers
there are some tips I would like
to share with you.

New York Clothing Warehouse Tip#1

Many of these warehouses serve
as fulfillment centers for brands.

You would actually have to do your
buying directly from the brand,
either at their showroom, by
phone or online.

Always make sure that you
are buying directly from the

You never want to end up
buying from an employee
that is trying to sell 
products on his or her own.

Otherwise there can be
legal ramifications for both
you and the employee.

New York Clothing Warehouse Tip#2

Just because it's a warehouse does
not mean that you will be getting 
wholesale or closeout prices.

If you have a smartphone,
or are familiar with 
the market in which you
are operating in, you
should be able to
easily determine if you
are getting prices
that are suitable for resale.

All of my clothes, footwear,
handbags, and accessories,
are sold at up to below
wholesale, closeout, and
liquidation prices.

New York Clothing Warehouse Tip#3

Clothing warehouses that are open to
the public receive all types of
visitors, meaning both retail and
wholesale buyers.

If you are looking to purchase
on a wholesale basis you
should let the warehouse manager

Often you will first receive
the listed price. This rate
per unit can drop based on the
quantity that you purchase.

New York Clothing Warehouse Tip#4

You need to verify that the merchandise
is authentic and original.

You can usually start this process
by asking the salesperson where the
merchandise originated from.

For instance, the majority of the merchandise
that I carry is overstock from department
stores and excess inventory from
the brands.

New York Clothing Warehouse Tip#5

Some warehouses only sell by the
pallet, while others allow buyers
to pick out individual items.

Make sure you know in what
manner the sales are made
so that you can make sure that
it makes sense for you to

In my warehouse there are no
minimums, and customers
can purchase by the pallet
or by the piece.

New York Clothing Warehouse Tip#6

There are warehouses that focus
on a specific brand.

If wholesale clothes by that
brand are in demand by your
customers you should 
check it out.

New York Clothing Warehouse Tip#7

Certain warehouses sell on an
appointment basis only, so verify
if you need an appointment
before visiting.

New York Clothing Warehouse Tip#8

Many wholesalers focus on store return
merchandise. Store return merchandise
consists of products that were purchased
by shoppers and then returned to
the store. The products can range from
brand new condition to very damaged.

New York Clothing Warehouse Tip#9

There are wholesalers that 
focus on department store overstock.

Department store overstock
merchandise is usually in brand new
condition, and is from a previous season.

New York Clothing Warehouse Tip#10

Ask what the return policy is.

For instance in my warehouse customers
can make exchanges within 30 days.

New York Clothing Warehouse Tip#11

Clothing warehouses are also looking to
buy merchandise.

If you have any excess or unsold products
you should mention it to the salesperson
that you are dealing with. 

You might end up receiving a great

New York Clothing Warehouse Tip#12

Negotiate, but within reason.

It's become accepted, and almost
expected, for wholesale buyers
to negotiate over the prices.

While it is completely okay
for you to negotiate over the
wholesale prices that you
are being charged, you should
also have realistic expectations.

If you are looking to have a 
long term relationship with
a wholesaler, and want to
be notified when new wholesale
deals are available, then you
should always engage in win-win

Just to ask for a lower
price when you
are already receiving a
great price on your fashion buys
is unproductive over the
long term.

Hint, to get the best possible price
in my closeout warehouse, simply
increase the quantity of items
that you are purchasing.

I will usually give my customers
lower prices when they buy
50 or more wholesale items.

One more tip I would share
with you is that the
more times you buy
the better discounts
you should receive.

New York Clothing Warehouse Tip#13

Stay in regular contact with the warehouses.

I would recommend at minimum
calling, or emailing, at least once a week.

Preferably you should be visiting the
warehouses in person so that you
can spot any great closeout deals
that are available.

Sometimes the wholesaler can forget
about merchandise that he has in his
warehouse, and it could be the perfect
closeout for you.

It happens almost every week.

A customer visits my warehouse
and sees an item which
I forgot that I still had.

I am very happy to offer
those types of items
to my customers for 
below wholesale prices
since I didn't even know
I still had them.

New York Clothing Warehouse Tip#14

Give things a chance.

Warehouses are not stores,
and therefore will not be
as organized or elegant
as a boutique on 5th ave.

For instance, although discount retailers
such as Century 21 and
Marshalls are more organized
than by my place,
their prices are also 
substantially higher.

Having said this, I recently
rearranged my business
so that it is now much better
organized and easier to
shop by.

Take your time focusing on the
merchandise, not on the actual location.

Many first time shoppers
will get overwhelmed, but once they
focus on the actual merchandise
they can find some awesome 

For example, I wholesale
brand name designer dresses
by Calvin Klein, R&M Richards,
Tally Taylor, Nine West,
and Jones New York,
for as low as 19.99 each!

These are the same dresses
that you will see in department
stores and discount retailers
for anywhere from 80.00 to
300.00 each!

New York Clothing Warehouse Tip#15

Be ready to act.

If you see an amazing closeout deal
take advantage of it.

It simply might not be there the
next time you return.

I can't tell you how many
times someone has visited my
Brooklyn closeout warehouse
and they hesitated over
a product, only to return
a few days later and the product
was sold out.

I have made the same blunder
when visiting other closeout
businesses, and it's something
I am definitely working on not
doing again.

If you are offered a 
below wholesale price
on a product which you
can realistically find a buyer
for, you should definitely
consider taking advantage
of it.

To be successful in the retail business
you need to be bold.