Merchandize Liquidators is a worldwide distributor for surplus merchandise. They buy in bulk and sell in bulk either by the box, by the pallet or by container. They offer retailers, and stores a fantastic way to stock their stores. Clients can purchase either from the website or from the warehouse. There is a highly trained team of sales advisers to assist clients with their purchases. Merchandize Liquidators stock products in a wide range of categories, and all products are from well known brands. 



Merchandize Liquidators was founded in 2003 by Yusef Martin. Martin founded the company while studying for a BA at the Florida International University College of Business Administration. It was originally designed to broker goods from buyers to private sellers. Martin started the company with $375 and cleverly used search engine optimization to build the business up. In 2010, it was reported that the company had experienced a three year growth of 265%. In 2016, Martin sold the company and is no longer associated with it.


Location and Contact

The company is based out of a warehouse in Florida. The exact address is 7815 west 20th ave, Hialeah, FL 33014. They can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The important number for Merchandize Liquidators are Toll-free:+1 (800) 218-9596, Tel: +1 (305) 381-0877, Fax: +1 (888) 409-9478. They are also available by email - They are open Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time. They also have a number of FOB points across the Continental United States.



Merchandize Liquidators is free to join. The sign up to the mailing list is also free. The warehouse is open to the public, and they do not require any business licenses for purchase. The membership sign up process is very simple, and can be done online. The only requirement that anyone needs to meet to purchase from Merchandize Liquidators is the quantity requirement. Although, signing up for membership does make the ordering process much easier. 


Quantity Requirements

Not every product requires a pallet purchase. Cosmetics, for example have a fifty piece minimum. Clothing, footwear and handbags have a hundred piece minimum. The online description of the product will show what the quantity requirement is for each purchase. Some pallets come with manifests, or partial manifests, but this isn’t true for every pallet. Some pallets are so varied that it wouldn’t be possible to include a manifest. Merchandize Liquidators have an experienced, competent and professional sales team to guide buyers through the quantity requirements and manifest availability of every product.


Payment and Shipping

Merchandize Liquidators can accept a wide range of payment options, but they can not accept personal or company checks. Credit card payments have a 3% processing fee. 


Merchandize Liquidators ship nationally and internationally. Shipping costs vary depending on the weight, units and distance. Drop shipping is also available. All shipping costs are covered by the buyer, but the company does organize the shipping. Once an order has been made, a member of the sales team will contact the buyer within 24 hours to confirm the shipping costs.


Returns and exchanges

Merchandize Liquidators do not accept any returns or exchanges on merchandise, All pallets are sold as is. 



Merchandize Liquidators source their products from a wide range of well known, reputable stores, such as Macy’s, Sears and CVS. They work closely with stockists to bulk purchase new, overstock and surplus products. They also source used and salvaged goods. Specifically how it works is a department store, or large stores purchases a certain amount of stock which they sell to the general public. Some times items don’t sell, and sometimes customers change their minds and return stock. The surplus stock is shipped to Merchandize Liquidators, who can offer it to their customers for up to 90% less than the original wholesale price.

For example, a department store might have ordered too many Tahari dresses from the Tahari brand. The dresses that are still in the store after a clearance sale has been made can be sold by the pallet to closeout warehouses.



In terms of stock categories, there are very few products that they don’t stock. They offer health and beauty products, clothing, home wares, footwear, electronics, groceries and much more. Each category offer products at an unbeatable price. These products are premium branded products and designer goods.


In the health and beauty category, it is not unusual to find brand names such as Sally Hansen, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Lipsmackers, and Nivea on offer. In the handbags category, it’s likely to include handbags from Michael Kore, Betsy Johnson, Calvin Klein and BEBE. 


The electronics category includes kitchen appliances by brands such as Pyrex, Cooks and more. This category can also contain digital cameras, television CD players, DVD players and more. 


Merchanize Liquidators have almost every type of product in every category. They even have special sections for holiday merchandise, such as decorations, gifts and toys. 


The product descriptions are clear to understand, and includes all the information necessary, such as quantity, manifest, and details. They also invite clients who require clarification or further information to contact them by telephone, email, or by using the contact submission form available on the website.




Merchandize Liquidators have a deals page on their website to showcase the best deals they have available at any given time. The sales team are constantly updating the website to show which products are available. These deals offer a massive discount of up to 90% off the original wholesale price.




Merchandize Liquidators have a blog on their website that has a lot of high quality posts with tips, tricks and advise. The blog explains how to purchase wholesale goods, build a reputable ebay shop and what to look for when purchasing wholesale goods. It also discusses how buyers can protect themselves from the multitude of wholesale scams that are online. There is even a post which explains what buyers should look for when purchasing wholesale clothing. 



The website has a simple graphic which adds to its ease of use. It is clearly laid out and easy to navigate. Every category page is easy to access and clearly defined which is important for site that offers online sales.



Merchandize Liquidators have built themselves up to be one of the biggest and best merchandise liquidators. They have been nationally ranked, have a wide customer base, can source their product from a wide range of stores and business. They have been featured in a huge range of publications, such as Forbes, Fox Business, Florida Trend, Inc 500, Mashable and The Washington Post. They can offer premium brand products at a massive discount to every customer, no matter where in the world they are based.