London Times dresses is a diverse collection of dresses for all types and shapes of women, these dresses are versatile and allow for the owner to feel beautiful. The dresses being available on amazon and Macy’s are beneficial especially to a person with an Amazon prime account allowing free, fast, shipping. London Times dresses have all different color options allowing for a person to stand out or blend in, as well as getting things in a pattern if that is desired. The entire line looks easy to wear and conferrable, these dresses look like something that one would be able to wear all day. These dresses could appeal to women of all different ages as well which in the fashion industry is, in my opinion, the most difficult thing to do. London Times Dresses are a good investment in my wardrobe that will be useful in many walks of life. During this research i will admit that at least two of the dresses i reviewed below are now in my shopping cart on Amazon. 


London Times Dresses: Women’s Matte Jersey Sheath Dress w/ Rushing. 

This dress is a slim cut with a beautiful sweeping rushing to the wearers left hip, with the elbow length sleeves and knee length flowing skirt. Though it is simple in design, it gives a sleek professionalism to the wearer. This allows the dress to be worn with flats and a fitted coat to work, out to lunch with the girls, running errors with the kids, or heals and fun jewelry for a night out. This dress is closed with a zipper that is concealed in the seem of the dress making the lines and shape of the dress sleek and complementing. On Amazon this dress comes in a vibrant Chinese red that will make the wearer stand out in any crowd in the best way. 


London Times Dresses: Women’s Swirl Lace Spliced Princess Seam Fit and Flare

This dress has a simple elegance to it, with a back zipper and beautiful lace embellishments in the front giving a simple fun dress extra flair. The dress having multiple color options makes it good for either a professional look, wedding look, or a night out. The high back and Halter top gives the dress a more professional look that is nicely balanced with the skirt that reminds one of the fun dresses we get to wear as kids. This is the ultimate dress up dress giving the professionalism needed to look like an adult, but gives into the desire that sometimes occurs when your wearing a dress, that is to spin in a circle and watch your skirt flare out. The only down side i found to this dress is dry clean only making it more difficult for daily wear, though it is the minority most dresses in the London Times Dresses lines do not require dry cleaning. This dress is one that falls into that small category but with a great shape and fun flare skirt the extra work might just be worth it.

London Times Dresses: Women’s Cap Sleeve vent Neck Artichoke Shutter Skirt Dress

This is a formal dress that accentuates an hourglass figure, I am not sure how forgiving it would be for a person that is not on the slider side . This dress has a nice finish with a simple embellishment at the waist. The ruffles making it and Artichoke shutter dress allows for movement with the dress when walking and tearing up a dance floor. Though this dress would only be for a more formal event changing out hair styles, shoe choice, and jewelry would change up the dress enough to make it a whole new look. This dress would be ideal for weddings or formal events and in the teal color wouldn’t need much for jewelry just a fun pair of shoes and your good to go.


London Times Dresses: Women’s Printed Halter Blouson Maxi Dress with Beading Detail

The simple Maxi dress with a designed that will make the wearer stand out, this dress could be a every day dress for shopping, or a summer day in the park, but also work for a summer wedding or family gathering. All over Beading on this dress accentuates the design giving it texture and dimension that is missing in many Maxi dresses when they are all made out of the same material. This dress would be great for many body shapes with the flowing skirt and halter neckline. Great dress for anyone who is not a fan of high heals for events, the dress being floor length allows for a little bit of fibbing on the shoes, and no need for a necklace or extra jewelry just throw on this beaded dress and a pair of flip flops and your ready for a day out.


London Times Dresses: Women’s Rose Trellis Lace Shift

A classic in the fashion department. The Shift dress, you cant go wrong with this dress, its made for everyone. A simple elegance that is great for every day were with sandals in the summer or leggings and boots when the weather gets chilly. This type of dress is the new Little Black Dress, allowing for it to be used in all situations, dresses it up to wear to formal event or dress it down for a day in the office or at classes. The looser fit of the dress through the waist and stomach makes it ideal for many body types allowing for a women who might want a little room in her dress to feel comfortable. Even for people who are not every day dress people this would be the training wheels for them, the dress is conferrable but complimenting. Giving this classic shift dress a sheer leave gives it the pop it needs to sand out in today's market. This is an ultimate testimony for this companies ability to understand and play to the market of women today. This is a must buy for everyone and The teal color displayed on Amazon is eye catching and on my wish list!