Whether you are a retailer in New York looking to buy wholesale dresses, or you are closeout buyer for a New York department store, you might be considering ordering clothing from Asian manufacturers.

I’m sure many of you have tried to buy stuff at DHGate.com before. If you have or you are planning to this article will come handy to you in your near future. It is always tricky to buy online, so pay attention to all the things you should have in mind.

It is very important to learn how to avoid scams and stay safe when pursuing online shopping.

We can begin with a fact that DHGate is not a direct seller of products that you order and buy. DHGate is only a third party in this entire process. There are probably thousands and thousands of Chinese sellers who use their services to sell the products via DHGate.

You might have noticed that DHGate offers escrow services, which is a great way of protecting you as a customer from any possible scams. This means that DHGate acts as a third party in the payment system. They will not release your payment to the seller until you confirm that you have received the product and that you are satisfied with it of course. So now you can see why is this a good feature.

If by a chance there is a dispute or disagreement between you and a seller, DHGate will act as a mediator and help you out. Another very nice feature.

It is a very popular source of goods for many retailers, as it is possible to find almost any type of clothing there. Since they also offer the most competitive edges to global importers, many retailers decide to do business with them.

If you choose a seller for the first time and fear scams, you should check their history of online business, because DHGate also shows the option of viewing their transaction records. Therefore you can look into it and see if it helps in making you feel secure and protected from any kind of fraud.

Since DHGate is a serious shopping site, just like any other, it forbids scams and frauds.

Any act that is not in line with their policy, such as frauds, scams, counterfeits, or giving an inaccurate description about products, etc will be punished once found.

Don’t be surprised to encounter sellers who do not obey the rules. That kind of sellers exists everywhere. If by any chance you are of bad luck and it happens you meet them, do not hesitate to report them to DHGate. This way you may save many other retailers who just want to do a fair job transaction.

There may be many things you should pay attention to and one of them certainly is the difference between Asian and Western sizes. Look up for description and measurements about every clothing size you decide to purchase, it will save you a lot of trouble and disappointment later.

You should keep your safety in mind every time you do any kind of business. Scams are so often found literally everywhere that it is impossible to avoid them sometimes. However, you can do your best to protect yourself and try to keep you and your business safe.