eBay is a leading corporation recognized worldwide famous for conducting commercial transactions on the internet. It facilitates sales between consumers and between business organizations and consumers online. It manages eBay.com, a website where online shopping and auction are carried out. Selling wholesale dresses here is not as complicated as many may think. If you have the dresses and the means, you can sell wholesale wedding dresses on eBay.

Here are the steps you can take.

First and foremost, accuracy is key. Your wholesale wedding dresses will sell quickly if you give a detailed and accurate description of the dresses. Give a description of the color, dress name, name of the designer of the dress and the dress style. Don't shy off to mention if there is a flaw on the dress, for example, makeup stains on it, thinking that it won't sell. No one cares about the flaws. If they are attractive, a woman with a smaller body size may buy one and make the necessary adjustments. What is crucial is that you do not forget to add any important facts about your dresses in your description.

Secondly, remember to describe the lace. The lace is important because it offers the identity of the dress. There are many different kinds of laces, examples being venise and alencon. Familiarizing yourself with all of them will pay off greatly as it will help you give correct information. If you do not remember or you don't know, consult the shop you bought it from or the internet. Things you may think are minor may cost you a great deal in this venture.

Thirdly, words can either raise your chances of selling or lower them. Do not use terms like 'boring' and 'old- fashioned' when you are referring to your dress, if that is how it appears to you. A term such as 'modest' will suffice. If you have a high neck and long sleeve dresses, this is the best term to use. You could also use "Cinderella" or "Belle" to create that princess illusion. A woman's wedding day is important to her, so being creative in this sector will earn you points.

Fourth, description only may not be enough. You need to give potential customers a physical representation of your dress. You will capture it best when it is on a person or a form for people to know how it fits. If you are cutting on costs, you could use your own wedding picture but do not include your face. Take two pictures for each dress; the back and front sides for all areas to be visible. You could also include the flaws in your dresses. Also, capture the dress when it is hanging so the potentials can know how it hangs.

Fifth, when you are pricing your dress, do not get greedy. Begin with the wholesale cost of your dress. Be willing to bargain with those interested or else you will have stiff competition elsewhere. When it comes to shipping and handling costs, these prices differ greatly. Guarantee potentials that shipment is free. You can account for this by adding money to the cost of the dress.

Finally, when it comes to shipping the dress, options on how to present it are countless. You could present it in a box, a large plastic bag or a the bag your dress came in. 

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