You can use coupons to sell more wholesale products

by effectively implementing these strategies.

Coupons are great tools that can help you produce

sales, as well as increase your marketing exposure

to current and prospective customers.

Coupons are a great sales tool when it comes to

selling to customers since they can directly

encourage shoppers to purchase your

wholesale fashions.

Coupons are also a great marketing tool

since they can be used to remind current

customers about your fashion store,

as well as notify people who

don't know about your store.

Take a look at these wholesale

product selling strategies that use coupons,

and consider how your fashion

business can benefit from their application.

Wholesale Coupon Strategy #1

Use your coupons to form joint ventures

with other retailers. You would print out

a stack of coupons and visit other retailers

that cater to the same people that you

are trying to sell to. You would then offer to

carry their coupons in your store in exchange for

them displaying your coupons in their store.

This way you would both be sending customers

to each other.

Now this strategy will not appeal

to direct competitors, so you will want to 

find retailers and other businesses that 

specialize in a different retail segment than

your business does. For example,

if you have a dress boutique you can

exchange coupons with a handbag shop,

a dry cleaner, a shoe store, and other similar


If the other retailers do not have coupons

to exchange with you then they might

not see a reason why they should carry your

coupons. You can offer to design and print

coupons for them, this way they

will have a good reason, and the ability,

to join you in this marketing strategy.

Wholesale Coupon Strategy #2

Have your coupons inserted into a local

newspaper but with a twist. While

newspapers have been carrying 

coupons for as long as I can remember,

the coupons generally look

like the other advertisements

that are in the newspaper.

What you want to do is have a 

coupon that looks more like

an advertorial. In other words,

your coupon should look like

an article with a strong and

bold headline. This way people will

want to read it and see what your offer is.

For example, if you have a dress boutique

you might want to have a coupon with

an article on how to select the best

dresses for a corporate function.

At the end of the article you would 

list your sale offer. Your offer might

be a discount on brand name dresses

or a two for one special.

Wholesale Coupon Strategy #3

Have your coupons delivered directly to

the homes and businesses of potential customers.

You can start out by doing this yourself, or you

can hire someone to distribute them for you.

If you do hire someone make sure that they are

reputable and understand exactly where

your customer base lives and works.

You should ask for references, and find out

if they have done work for the same type of

businesses as yours.

If your fashion business is very generalized then it

might not be as crucial exactly where the coupons

are distributed to. 

Remember that people's homes and businesses

are inundated with advertisements so you need

to design your materials so that they are eye catching

and thought provoking. Yes, your marketing materials

need to get people to think about your business, so

don't be afraid to make them thought provoking.

Wholesale Coupon Strategy #4

Team up with other retailers and have your

coupons distributed together. This can save you

on distribution and printing costs, and can make 

your coupons stand out since they will be delivered

as a package with other coupons. There are 

businesses that send out mailers

so you might want to use their services.

Wholesale Coupon Strategy #5

Your coupons should offer an exclusive benefit.

You want people to hold on to your coupons

since otherwise they might forget about the sale

that you are having. The print should clearly

state that the coupon needs to be brought

in to receive the discount or offer. If you

do not require this then people will discard

the coupon and possibly forget about

your deal. 

Wholesale Coupon Strategy #6

Use brand names in your coupons. With all

of the mass advertising that consumers

are exposed to it's easy to start overlooking generic

offers. But if you sell wholesale brand name products,

and let people know that you do, you will stand out

from all the sellers of generic merchandise.

Think about how more appealing it is

to see an ad for a Tahari dress than 

simply an ad for a fashion dress. I am

sure that you would agree with me that 

the mental image that a brand name creates

is more powerful than what a private label makes.

Wholesale Coupon Strategy #7

Use pictures of your items. You want people

to see the products that you have, or at least

a picture of one the products that you have, this

way they will be more excited about patronizing

your store. I am sure you are familiar with the

expression that a picture is worth a thousand words.

I definitely agree with that expression.

Since the space is limited utilize the best picture

that conveys the type of products that you


Wholesale Coupon Strategy #8

List the benefits of your offer. So

instead of just stating that you

are having a 50% off sale, explain

how much money someone can potentially

save when they shop at your store.

You also want to list the benefits

that the actual wholesale products

which you are selling have. So for instance

if you sell women's suits you will want to

explain how the suits will give your customers

a professional image while keeping them cool

due to their material. Make sure that you

list benefits that are of interest to your


Wholesale Coupon Strategy #9

Give your coupons to your customers

and ask them to share them with their

relatives and friends. People will support

businesses that they like, and will also

want to let people know about the great deals

that are available. If you found a really amazing

deal on a closeout product I am sure you

would want people that you care about to know.

Your customers will also want to share the

good news with people that they know.

Wholesale Coupon Strategy #10

Offer an incentive in the coupon to encourage

shoppers to bring other people with them.

This way you can multiply the marketing

effect of your material. You can offer

an additional discount or bonus product

when they bring someone with them.

When applied correctly this strategy can 

entice shoppers to bring their relatives

and friends with them.

Wholesale Coupon Strategy #11

Use digital coupons. You can have them designed

or design them yourself, and then share them on

Facebook Google Plus. There are also many 

websites to which you can submit your coupons to.

Wholesale Coupon Strategy #12

Have an expiration date. You want to motivate

shoppers to take action as soon as possible.

It's only natural that the longer people wait the

more of a chance there is that they will forget

about your deals. At the same time, give them enough

time to act upon your sale. There are many reasonable

reasons why even a super interested customer

might not be able to respond right away so give them

a reasonable time frame. You might even consider

adding that you are willing to extend the expiration

date for valid reasons.

Wholesale Coupon Strategy #13

You can use your picture, this way people enjoy a more

human experience. People also like to do business with

people that they like, so enable people to get to know you

so that they can see what a great person you are.