Did you know that you can use the phone to literally sell thousands
of wholesale products?

I would like to share some of my best tips for using the phone to
sell more products, with less effort, to more people.
Before we start, I would like you to take a look at this lot, so
that you can envision an actual example of wholesale products which
can be sold by phone.

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Cold calling can be a great way to generate quality wholesale
customer leads. You get to speak directly to the customers that buy
wholesale and closeout merchandise, and you get a great insight
into their wholesale product preferences.

But cold calling is an art-form. It can be daunting, it's always a
lot of work, and you always need to make a good impression. So you
need to do it right. Following are some tips which will help you do
just that.

1) Record everything

Always write down all details of every phone call. Write down any
names and titles you learn. Not just the name of the person you're
trying to contact. The store manager's name can be vital to
remember as they're
often gatekeepers. Write down when you called, and when you said
you'd call back.

2) Use a database or spreadsheet to record everything

Don't expect store owners to buy the first time you call them, but
once you have broken the ice, your next call will be more
effective, since you will be more familiar to them.

3) Always call back when you said you would

Don't let them down. They may not even remember that you committed
to calling back. But if they do, and you don't meet your
commitment, you'll lose valuable credibility and respect. And
wherever possible, work to their schedule. You're here to help
them, not make things harder.

TIP FOR WHOLESALERS: If you're a wholesaler, specifically ask to
speak to the wholesale buyer (or if the person who answers the
phone says they don't have a specific wholesale buyer, your request
will peek their interest and express your agenda immediately.

4) Always try to form a sincere connection on the phone.

Store managers, store clerks, and assistants have great influence,
and quite often do more of the real work and decision making than
the person you're trying to contact! Make friends with them and
you've got a foot in the door. (But don't waste their time or crawl
- they get a lot of that!)

By being sincere, and speaking to them as you would in person, you
will shift the call from a "cold call" to a warmer conversation.

5) Keep it short 'n sweet

When you do get to speak with someone, keep it short 'n sweet
unless they want to talk a lot. The purpose of the phone call is to
get their attention, let them know you're there, get their name and
contact details, and assess whether they have any requirement for
your services. (TIP FOR WHOLESALERS: If you're a wholesaler, you
might have initially called about one wholesale product, but soon
discovered that they need another wholesale product instead, be
flexible and always ask them what they are looking for.)


Don't pressure people or make it hard for them to get off the
phone. Tell them what you do and that you'd like to send them an
email with a link to your website with samples and testimonials (or
with an attachment containing samples), then leave them to it.

7) Follow up with an email

If you have permission, always send a follow-up email - and do so
immediately. Be specific in your subject line. Address the email to
them (e.g. "Hi Joe"), keep the email short 'n sweet. Include only
the essential info, make it easy to read and conversational, and
bold the important words or phrases as they'll probably only skim
it. Include a link to your website, reference the day and date you
talked on the phone (and thank them for that time), mention any
names you learnt (e.g. receptionist's name, especially if the
receptionist gave you an email address but you didn't actually get
to speak to the decision maker), tell them that you'd like to
follow up in a few weeks (assuming the conversation indicated that
this would be a good idea).

8) Follow up with another call

If the lead looks promising, make sure you follow up. And when you
do, always mention the day and date of the original call, as well
as the fact that you sent an email. Give a quick summary of who you
are and what you do, and say that you're just calling to make sure
they got the email. Most of the time, you'll find
the lead will talk to you about your services, if only to remind
themselves of what you do!

9) Don't expect to make too many calls

On a really good day, I've made 100 cold calls. Most days, though,
you should be very pleased to average around 40. You'll spend a lot
of time playing telephone tag.

It's a numbers game, for every 100 phone calls to retailers, I can
expect to sell merchandise to 1 or 2 of them. Although it might
sound like a low response rate, many of these retailers can become
repeat customers, giving you a steady outlet for your wholesale

10) Don't leave message

Unless you absolutely have to (or you've just about given up on the
lead), don't leave messages. Most people have trouble returning
phone calls from people they know and like; returning phone calls
from someone who's trying to sell them something isn't high on
their list of priorities.

11) Don't expect to qualify too many leads

Depending on your wholesale business, if you get one good lead a
day, you're probably doing very well.

12) Don't expect immediate conversion

Unfortunately, most leads take a long time to come to actually
order wholesale products from you. So you have to be prepared to be

But once you do make the connection, they are likely to
periodically visit your wholesale web site, or your wholesale

Stay motivated!

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