You can use Adwords to bring visitors
to your home page, or directly to a product page, as you can see by
visiting the above link.

1. Create a list with all possible keywords that fit to your
wholesale product, or closeout market. The more the better. So you
will get also a lot of keywords which you must pay for only the
minimal commandment of 1 cent.

2. Benefit from misspelling in order to find keywords which your
competitors did not think of. For example if you have a closeout
toy pallet , do not only bid for "wholesale toy pallet" but also
for "wholesale toi pallet."

3. The first position on Google's search result page achieves
usually the most clicks. However this is also the most expensive
position. Give it a try if the second to fourth display position
gives you more visitors and more customers for less money.

4. The position of the Adwords-ad is determined not only by the
maximum click price that you are ready to spend.. Google evaluates
also the relevancy of the displayed ad in order to position the
Adwords-ads. The more clicks your ad receives, the higher it gets

5. The headline in the Adwords-ad must catch the viewers attention.
If you implement the keyword in the header line, you receive
considerably more clicks onto your ad.

6. In the ad-text mention one or two reasons, why the internet user
should click on it. List your hottest selling wholesale and
closeout product, or let wholesale buyers know that you offer free

7. Avoid price wars at which a competitor and you attempt to outdo
the click price for a keyword continuously mutually. You will only
see to it that the click price fires into the sky. It is better to
find search-terms which consist of several words and which are more

In other words, instead of bidding a high amount for the keyword
wholesale, try bidding a lower price for multiple keywords such as
wholesale socks, wholesale shirts, etc.

The longer your keyword phrase, the less competition you will have
for it, and the lower price you will have to bid on it.

For example, while many wholesalers bid for the keyword wholesale
socks, how many wholesalers do you think bid on the keyword,
wholesale men's athletic brand name socks?

8. Google AdWords offers keyword-options which you should
absolutely study. If properly set up you can make sure that your
AdWords-ad appears only for example if the internet-user has
exclusively entered your term and no further.

9. Use "excluding keywords". Those ones are keywords for which your
ad is supposed not to appear. In this way you do not have to pay
for clicks, when somebody is searching for only for a pamphlet or

In other words, if your closeout business does not carry designer
apparel, exclude search terms such as wholesale designer apparel,
or simply the word designer from your advertising campaigns.

10. Construct for every keyword and for everyone of your AdWords
ads its own landing-page. There you can offer especially that which
the internet-user searched for.

This way if a prospective wholesale buyer clicked on your ad for
wholesale handbags, he will be instantly taken to a page that
offers wholesale handbags. Otherwise you run the risk of losing the
wholesale buyer.

11. A landing-page beside has also the advantage that you can
measure exactly how many customers a specific Keyword and a
specific ad brought in. You can optimize your displays continuously
in this way and increase the purchase rate.

12. Update your AdWords-ads at specific events or holidays, for
example to the New Year, Valentine, Easter or Christmas.

13. If you mention the price for a product or a service in the
AdWords ad, then you can exclude in front the free- and
all-free-searchers from clicking your ad.

14. Be conservatively in the selections of the countries and the
languages' in which your AdWords ads are supposed to appear. If
your wholesale merchandise is primarily bought by wholesale
customers from the Caribbean, you should countries in the Caribbean
as the location for your ads. With corresponding success you can
try out also further countries, for example Switzerland, and areas
close to the border. This method can also be applied to any other

By implementing these 15 Adword strategies you can literally bring
in thousands of prospective wholesale buyers directly to your site.

I currently use pay per click ads to bring thousands of potential wholesale
buyers to my wholesale web sites every day!

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