The internet has become the #1 marketplace for selling products. As you have likely seen, many stores are closing their doors because people are moving to online shopping. 


Shopping online is much more convenient, provides many more options, is typically quicker and less of a hassle, and can be done 24 hours a day. There is no limit to what you can buy or when you can buy it when shopping online.


Along the same lines, one of the best ways to promote your products is via social media. Because so many people are moving to the internet to purchase products, that is exactly where you want to be advertising your products. And social media is where the majority of internet users spend the majority of their time.


The social media giant in particular is a highly popular place for advertising products. People tend to spend more time on Facebook than they do on other social media sites, thus creating a Facebook store for your wholesale products is absolutely necessary to increase your sales and really boost your business to the next level.


Below are steps that you should follow in order to create a successful Facebook store that will bring you a lot of business!


Step 1: Set up a Business Page

You will need to start your Facebook store with building a Facebook page specifically for your business. It is not a good idea to use your personal Facebook page to sell your products -- you want to keep things professional. 


Setting up a Facebook business page is very quick and easy. You don’t have to worry about putting up specific listings of your products -- you will be using this page to get people to go to your website and order your wholesale products.


Once you have the basic page created, then you can go in and make it look more appealing to potential customers. There are third-party apps that you can use for free to make your landing page really show off your business.


It will be up to you to use this business page to advertise your products on a daily basis and seek out potential customers.


Step 2: Build Up Your Fan Base

This is one of the most challenging parts of your business -- getting people to “like” your Facebook business page and interact with it. The best place to start this process is with your friends and your family. You can use your personal Facebook page to promote your business page and you will get many “likes” that way. You can even set up some sort of contest to get your friends and family to get as many people to “like” your business page as possible! Turn it into a fun experience for everyone, if possible. 


After you have pestered your friends and family enough to like your page, then you will need to start reaching out the general public and gathering as many “likes” there as possible, on a regular basis. A great way to do this is to “like” other peoples’ pages. Many people in the social media community realize that everyone is trying to build their following, so lots of times if you “like” their page, they will “like” yours back -- akin to the “if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” idea.


You will likely have to spend a lot of time surfing in order to find pages similar to your industry. Look for people that will likely benefit from “liking” your page and seeing your products. You may also want to join Facebook groups that will help you to grow your network. 


Step 3: Set Up Your Shop

With your business page ready to go, you can now add the shop feature. You click the “Add a Shop Section” button and the easy steps will take you through the process of setting up your shop on Facebook. 


The only option with payment via your shop on Facebook is Stripe, so you will need to set up an account with them. Once that is completed, you can begin adding your wholesale products to your store!


You can input photos and information about your specific products to promote them to your followers. 


Once you’ve got your shop up - promote it so people will start shopping! Facebook has a great inventory feature that will keep track of your items and allow you to remove them from your Facebook store once you’ve sold out. 


Step 4: Consistent Promotion is Key

Now that you have your Facebook shop set up, and a solid group of followers, it is time to promote your business. And in order to be successful in this, you will need to regularly promote it. On a daily basis you need to be posting new items on your Facebook page, otherwise people may forget about it. Also, because people check Facebook at different times, you may want to set up multiple posts a day to catch as many of your followers as possible.

Every time you release a new wholesale product, share that with your Facebook fans. If you’re having any sort of sales or specials or events, share that with them as well. You may even want to hold contests or competitions to drive sales even more and get more traffic to your page. Fans may link your contests on their pages, thus expanding your audience to people outside of your existing fan base. 


It is a great idea to use your Cover Photo on your business page to promote any sales, new products, or contests that you have going on. That is the first thing people see upon landing on your page, so make it something that will keep them on your page and wanting more information.

 If you are looking to increase the sales of your wholesale products, you should definitely turn to social media. By creating a wholesale business page and creating a store, you will be able to increase your sales immensely. With constant promotion and by participating in the social media community, you will see great results. 

You might want to consider setting up separate stores for different markets.

For example, you can have one store where you wholesale Calvin Klein dresses for retailers in the United States, while another store can be set up specifically for wholesaling Tahari women's suits to retailers in Africa.

Facebook has made their shop feature very user-friendly and will continue to improve it to maximize the number of users. The number of online shoppers is only going to continue to grow, so get in on the Facebook shopping experience now!