eBay is one of largest

wholesale and retail marketplaces

in the world.

When you take into account

how many sellers and buyers

are active on the online auction

site, you will realize

that it's larger than any shopping

mall in the world.

Yes, there is a tremendous

amount of competition from

all the professional, full time,

and part time, eBay sellers,

but there is also a tremendous

customer base consisting of

millions and millions of eBay buyers.

The following tips can help

you successfully sell handbags

on the world's biggest

e-commerce auction website.

eBay Handbag Selling Tip #1

Write a description that uses

very targeted keywords

that illustrate the type of

handbags that you are selling.

If you are selling handbags 

that are ideal for professional

women working in New York banks, your

product description should

make that clear.

If you are selling handbags 

that originated in the New York Fashion

District, you should let bidders know that.

There are thousands of handbag listings

at any given time on eBay, so you need

to write a product description that will

enable your auction listings to show up

when people are searching for the type

of items that you are selling.

I have seen some amazing wholesale products

go unsold on eBay simply because the

product descriptions did not contain

the keywords that would have attracted

the right type of wholesale buyers.

The same is true for fashion merchandise

that is being aimed at retail buyers.

eBay Handbag Selling Tip #2

Take professional quality pictures

of the handbags.

While you don't have to hire

a professional photographer to

take your pictures, you do need to

ensure that the pictures

present your merchandise


Think about it, which picture 

presents a more appealing message,

one that is taken in a messy bedroom,

or one that is taken in a clean and organized

fashion showroom?

You should consider

contacting a photography school

and asking them if they

can refer a student to you

that can take professional

quality level photographs for your

eBay business.

eBay Handbag Selling Tip #3

Include free bonuses in your lot.

If two people are selling the same, or

very similar, products, the seller

that offers extra bonuses will

generally receive more attention

from prospective bidders, assuming

everything else is equal.

Make sure that the bonuses are related

to the bags, or are at least interesting

to the customers that are likely to

bid on the bags.

eBay Handbag Selling Tip #4

Whether you are selling brand name

pocketbooks by

Coach, Nine West,

Kate Spade, Magid, 

Rebecca & Rifka, Rebecca Minkoff,

Michael Kors, Guess, Calvin Klein,

Lauren Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger,

Vera Bradly, Vince Camuto,

Tally Taylor, or another designer

or boutique label designer, you need

to explain the allure of the brand

to shoppers.

Even if shoppers are familiar with the

designer name they will still need

to be encouraged to spend money on

the bags, and this is especially

important if people are not familiar

with the label.

eBay Handbag Selling Tip #5

Start your auctions at 

the lowest possible price

that you can.

Although you might actually 

lose money on some of your

handbag sales, you will be building

up your feedback rating

as you complete more and more sales.

The higher your feedback rating is,

the more eBay shoppers will trust

you and therefore will be willing to

bid more on your auction listings.

Also, an auction with a very low

starting price can attract more

attention from bidders,

as compared to an auction

that starts at a high price.

You can play it safe by

starting your auction at

a price that will cover your

wholesale cost for the handbag,

so even if the lot sells

at the starting bid you

will cover your cost.

eBay Handbag Selling Tip #6

Test out different titles based

on the audiences that you

are trying to reach.

For instance, if you have a

great selection of Coach pocketbooks

that you believe that college age students

in Nigeria will love, then you need to

express that information in 

your product title.

Or, if you are setting up a listing to

sell fashion bags in bulk to retailers

in the Caribbean, then your title

should indicate that you are selling

a lot of bulk merchandise that

is perfect for the Caribbean retail


It is common for us to assume

that people will see the same value

that we see, but that is not always the


If your merchandise has a unique quality to it,

or you are offering a unique package deal,

then you need to let people know that information

through your eBay auction headline.

What kind of information would you

want to convey in your title?

Free shipping, brand names, designer labels,

bonuses, exclusive models, limited quantities,

collectible status, etc.

Make sure that you write your title

in the same tone of voice that you

would be speaking to in

person to your likely customers.

eBay Handbag Selling Tip #7

Monitor your sales and inquires to

determine which brands and styles

are in demand.

You might be surprised to

discover that there is a sudden

demand for a formerly unknown

designer, or that a novelty style is

suddenly in fashion.

The flip side is that if a certain 

brand or style is not moving

then you will want to move on

and source the type of wholesale

merchandise that is in demand on


You can then take your slow moving

products and sell them through other

retail and wholesale channels,

such as in a flea market or

a garage sale.

eBay Handbag Selling Tip #8

Promote your eBay listings to your

customers, friends, and relatives.

If you have a wholesale or retail website,

you should have a link on your site to your

eBay auctions.

You can also use Facebook to let your

family and friends know about the pocketbooks

that you are auctioning off.

Ask your family and friends to share your

posts announcing your listings so that their

family and friends can see them as well.

You can also post on your Facebook wall

the items that did not

sell so that you will have the opportunity to

sell them.

You should also consider setting up a group

on Facebook through which you

can notify people regarding the bags you

are selling.

Besides having the opportunity to attract

people looking to buy fashion items,

you might even attract people

that can give you great closeout deals

on fashion that you can then resell.

I have been referred to some great

below wholesale closeout deals

through people that found me on

the social media giant.