Here are five ways to sell wholesale dresses

from your home.

1) Set up a home based store in your home.

You can designate a specific room for your store,

accept customers by appointment, or have set

hours when people can come in. You might

even consider bringing out the dresses on a rack 

to the sidewalk. This way you can attract the

attention of people driving or walking by.

2) Run home parties.

Invite your friends, relatives, and coworkers, to 

your home party, serve them snacks,

and show them your dresses!

3) List your dresses on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon,

and on your own website.

4) Call retailers and make sales

on the phone.

Once you have made a sale you can deliver your dresses to them,

or send them by UPS.

5) Set up a drop shipping business.

People can sell your dresses online, and you

will fulfill their orders as they come in.

This way you can reach a much wider audience

than you could on your own.