Selling stuff has redefined in this digital age. The traditional selling of goods where you need to go to a physical store has been considered a thing of the past. Even groceries can now be ordered online and you just have to wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep. The same thing goes especially for non-tangible products like videos and music. 


Independent artists who want to break into the market now opt to sell music on Amazon thinking that it will be better for them to advertise their singles or albums on their own since they get to make all the decisions especially when it comes to artistry. It is not a secret that artists who sign up for major labels sometimes end up giving in to what the producer would like their sound to be. They have to change the music arrangement, lyrics and even the melody of the song. So in order to avoid these compromises, they would rather shoulder the burden of promoting their own music.


Since Amazon sells various products under 20 different categories, it is without a doubt that they are the leader in retail distribution. Their customers are now a whopping 81 million not to mention that they land Google’s first page whenever you type in something you want to buy. If you are searching for something to purchase, most likely, Amazon has it in stock.


So if you’re a budding musician and would like to make it by starting selling through Amazon, you’re in good track. Plus Amazon will teach you how to go about the marketplace, get more traffic to the page you want your customers to end up in, set the right price for your product, score high ratings and a lot more.


Ed Sheeran, when still trying to independently complete his album X, went through the same struggles as any indie songwriter. He also opted to initially distribute his music on digital platforms, before he was aired on the radio. Now Amazon also has his material on sale which makes him one of the most popular singer/songwriters in the world today at par with Taylor Swift.


So what do you need to know if you want to sell music on Amazon?


Amazon may not have conquered the whole world just yet, but it will soon. Your music will be available for download in the following countries: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, United States, Austria, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland. Not too bad for a virtual world tour of your music. According to Amazon, they publicicise your music through the easy to join Advantage platform.


Just like Spotify (whose rates are a bit of a crushing disappointment for any artist), Amazon Music sells your material through streams and download. Prime members of Amazon can get access to streaming of your music 90 days upon the release of your album or single.


There are pricing tiers for Amazon Music. Each category will classify the type of music you have according to Amazon standards. Amazon partners with TuneCore to ensure that music streams and downloads are well priced, according to

� Front Line – this category pays the heftiest wholesale price. It is recommended for new releases.

� Mid Line – while the rewards for this category are lower than Front Line, this is recommended for recent releases.

� Catalogue – this category has an even lower rate than the previous two. But it still better than no income at all. It is recommended for releases that are 18 months or older.

� Special – the lowest pricing category ever. If your music is a bit ancient, then you will fall under this category.


You might be asking now how much money then will you make? Do take note that payment is premium for music downloaded or streamed within the United States, and lower if it was made anywhere else. For streaming music, there is a royalty pool with rates already listed by Amazon. For downloads, there is a fixed rate for each album or song sold. There is also a chart for reference about the pricing for these. 


Upon upload of your music, it will take three to seven business days for your material to go live if they are for download. For streaming, it takes up to 90 days for the album or song to go live.

If you want to follow the footsteps of Bon Iver, Arctic Monkeys or Lana Del Rey who are making a killing on Amazon, start uploading your music now on Amazon. Who knows, you might be the next artist or band performing at the Grammys which tunes are sung by everyone around the world.

You can also purchase music CDs from wholesalers with the purpose of reselling them on Amazon.

If you have the time, you can get some amazingly low priced music merchandise by visiting thrift stores, libraries, store clearance sales, flea markets, swap meets, and garage sales.

I have seen compact discs sold for as low as .25 each, and while many of those were by unknown artists, you could still potentially find customers for those company discs when you start selling them on the Internet.

What happens often in the closeout business is that you will be offered a lot of music CDs by popular and unknown artists. It's up to you to ensure that you pay a low enough wholesale price on each unit that the profits on the popular CDs offset the cost of the CDs that don't sell.

One other interesting approach is what is called eBay arbitrage. You would look for low priced music on eBay and then resell it on Amazon at a higher price.

You really need to carefully do your research before making a purchase, with the understanding that by the time you try to resell an album, music fans might no longer be interested in that band.

And with the shift of consumers to the downloading of music instead of purchasing it at a store, you should only venture into this product category if you have found a rare album, or if you can resell your merchandise for less than the online music services charge for their downloads and subscription services.