Are you tired of driving all day in day out to wholesaler warehouses, liquidation centers, and wholesale districts,just looking for a closeout item that you just cannot seem to find? Then tire no more as B-stock has got you covered! No more trips and no more fatigue as you can bid on overstock and store return lots through this the B-Stock auction liquidation website. 


What is

This is a liquidation sale supervision company. The company possesses and drives a network of retailers as well as manufacturers’ certified liquidation auction marketplaces. offers solutions for enterprises, small businesses as well as start-up companies. The company helps them meet inventory situation, recovery rates, and customer returns. 

It also deals in auction marketplaces for jewelry, apparel, footwear, automotive supplies, books, movies, cell phones, computer software, furniture, toys baby products and soon. The company is based on bids. Different products are posted online and and if you happen to develop a liking for any of these fine products, you simply have to place a bid!


So how do I place a proxy bid?

All bids placed in the marketplace presented by B-Stock are referred to as proxy bids. The highest amount possible should be the amount you bid so that the system manages the bid for you. The current bid on display during each auction is equal to the second highest bidder’s bid plus an additional bid increment.

If the bidder places a higher bid, it will not display. This gives bidders the opportunity to place proxy bids due tothe fact that they still have the capability of winning the auction for any amount below or at the maximum bid. For instance, if you happen to be interested in an auction that is currently at $1000 with no bids and then opts to bid $5000, you will most definitely win the bid at $1000. However, if another bidder places a bid of $1000, you will be winning the auction at $1125, an increment higher. Automatically, this system will proceed to outbid other bidders on your half but will at no point exceed your bid of $5000.

The bidding process is a little complicated for first timers, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite enjoyable! You cannot buy merchandise without bidding on it since Mobile Carrier Liquidations is in auction format only. Therefore get bidding!


What categories are available? being such a large company has numerous categories it offers namely; apparel, footwear and accessories, automotive supplies, books, movies, equipment and software, consumer electronics, home and garden appliances, jewelry and watches, TVs, cell phones and finally computers.


What kinds of lots are available?

The B-stock company is the leading exporter of stock lots. The company also ships stock lots goods to over 100 countries worldwide! In most cases, these goods are brand new and are overstock that factories are in need of moving.

Most of the stock lots we offer are related to textiles and building materials. The company sends irresistible offers which range from hazmat suits to replacement mats. They are all offered at pocket-friendly prices!

All merchandise sold is categorized into A, B, and C conditions. Category A represents new items, B for relatively new while C is for salvage items. 


How does the payment process work?

All payments are due within two business days of the close of the auction and must be made via wire transfer. B-stock collects payment on behalf of sellers on their marketplaces. The sellers are then notified when an order has been paid for.

If you are thinking of buying and selling used or new items for profits, there has never been a better time to begin. B-stock offers the perfect platform for your venture. Visit our site and apply now at runs liquidation auctions for many retailers, including Costco, CDW, 

Groupon, GameStop, Lids Sports Group, Rockport, Lowe's, Sears, Walmart, QVC, and Sam's Club.