There are many exciting ways to profit
from wholesale clothing sales.

Take a look at the following list
and see which of these options
might work for you.

You might to decide to combine
a few options, rotate between them,
or focus exclusively on one of them
at a time.

Some of these options
might work better for you
in your retail market,
while others might be
innovative, initially difficult
to implement, but with long 
term positive results.

The best way to determine
which of these options
can work best for you
is by actually trying them

I would recommend not to
get discouraged if you 
run into challenges at the
beginning, since I can assure
that from my experience
even the most successful
wholesale and retail sales
strategies have their challenges.

If you are in a major metropolitan
city such as New York, Lagos,
Miami, or Mexico City,
you will have a very large
potential customer base, 
but also a great deal of

On the other hand, if you
set up your clothing business
in a smaller city you
will have less competition,
but also less potential customers.

Ideally you want to find a
way to distinguish your
venture regardless of 
which market you
do your selling in.

Wholesale Clothing Sales Profits #1

Sell clothing from your home through
home parties.

You can invite your friends and
relatives to your home, serve
them snacks and drinks,
and show them the clothing
that you have for sale.

Wholesale Clothing Sales Profits #2

Become a personal shopper.

You would take down the sizes
and styles that your friends
and relatives are looking for
and you would start searching
for clothes that fit those

You can call various wholesalers
until you find the items
that your clients are 
looking for.

For instance, your cousin
might be looking for a
Tally Taylor dress size
12, color yellow.

You would contact wholesalers
that carry Tally Taylor dresses
and see who has a Tally Taylor
dress in the color and size that your
cousin needs.

You would then purchase the
dress and resell it to your
cousin at a markup.

Wholesale Clothing Sales Profits #3

Start a wholesale finder business.

Through this business you
would visit closeout warehouses
and fashion showrooms.

When you find a good wholesale
clothes deal you would contact
the buyers that you are working
for and receive a finder's fee
for letting them know about the

For instance, you might
visit a showroom in
the New York Fashion district
that has a below wholesale
selection of Calvin Klein office

You would then contact buyers
and let them know about the
Calvin Klein dresses.

If one of your buyers decides
to purchase the dresses he
would give you a finder's fee.

Wholesale Clothing Sales Profits #4

Rent space inside an already existing
store and start selling your
wholesale fashion products.

The advantage is that you
won't have to open a store 
from scratch, and you will
be able to benefit from the
existing customer base
that the store already has.

Let's say there is store that
sells Tahari dresses, and you
have a selection of Tahari women's

That store would be an ideal
location for you to rent
space in.

Wholesale Clothing Sales Profits #5

Open up a pop up store in
a busy commercial area.

You would approach landlords
that have empty spaces and
ask them if you can rent out
their spaces for a limited amount
of time.

Shoppers will be curious
about a new store
and hopefully will walk into
your shop to see what you
have for sale.

If the pop up location works
out you can always rent the 
location on a more long term
basis from the landlord.

For this strategy you
might purchase a pallet of
overstock dresses and then
sell them through your
pop up shop.

An overstock pallet of dresses
should give you a wide
variety of different 
brands, colors, styles, and sizes.

Wholesale Clothing Sales Profits #6

Run a sample sale.

You would find an empty store front,
or you could rent a warehouse space,
and then advertise that you are
having a sample sale.

Sample sales work best when
the merchandise is brand name
and is offered at substantial discounts
to the original retail price.

For instance, you can purchase
a lot of designer kids clothing
and then run a sample sale
offering children's clothing
by brands such as Ralph Lauren,
Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Adidas,
etc., at prices up to
75% below retail.

Wholesale Clothing Sales Profits #7

Become a wholesale clothing broker.

You would develop a contact
list of wholesale buyers and sellers
of apparel.

You would then make your money
by marking up the available 
merchandise and offering it to
the buyers on your list.

With this approach you would never
need to take possession of the

For example, you
can find a closeout lot
of Guess handbags and
then market those
handbags to handbag stores
in New York, or elsewhere.

When a store decides to buy those
handbags they would pay you and
then you
would remit the payment 
to the owner of the Guess handbags.

The difference between
the cost of the Guess handbags and what you
sold them for is your profit.

Wholesale Clothing Sales Profits #8

Become an importer. 

You can contact wholesalers in the
USA, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan,
and in other countries, and arrange
to import their products into your

I have had many importers
from countries such as
Trinidad, Nigeria, Aruba,
Jamaica, Dubai, and elsewhere,
purchase department store
overstock merchandise from me.

The importers then distribute
the merchandise in their respective
countries, or sell it directly
to customers on a retail basis.

Wholesale Clothing Sales Profits #9

Become an exporter.

You can contact manufacturers in your
country and start advertising their
apparel to international buyers.

Many manufacturers
are either too busy
to find international buyers,
or simply do not know
how to find these buyers.

You can set up a website
through you can market their
merchandise to buyers in different 

For example, my closeout
business has exported brand name
overstock merchandise to
buyers throughout the world,
including in Nigeria, Trinidad,
Lebanon, Kenya, and Japan.

If you know of a high quality
wholesale fashion handbag manufacturer
in China, you can focus on exporting
her handbags to the United States market.

Wholesale Clothing Sales Profits #10

Take your wholesale clothing
and give it to consignment stores
so that they can sell it on your

This strategy works best with
high end fashion by designers
such as Coach, Fendi, Michael
Kors, and other labels of the same
or higher caliber.

Wholesale Clothing Sales Profits #11

Find an eBay drop off store
that will sell your clothes
on eBay on your behalf.

Take a look at some of their
previous listings so that you
can determine how successful
they are with their eBay sales.

Ideally you would want to
give your clothes to an eBay store
that has experience specifically
with selling fashion on the giant
e-commerce auction website.

I remember a few years
back meeting an eBay seller in Brooklyn that
was selling liquidation merchandise
on the auction site. 

Many of the liquidation items
that he was selling were given
to him by other New York wholesalers.

Wholesale Clothing Sales Profits #12

Find a house that is located
on a very busy intersection
and ask the owner if you
can set up a garage sale
over the weekend on his front lawn.

You can benefit from all the traffic
that passes in front of his house.

If your house is located on a
busy intersection then you
can run a garage sale without
having to go anywhere else.

Even with the advent of the
Internet, there are still many garage sales
that seem to be attracting many shoppers,
especially in New York and New Jersey.

Wholesale Clothing Sales Profits #13

Rent a van and drive around 
to different neighborhoods
selling your dresses, suits,
jeans, kids outfits, and so on.

For instance, if you got a great
deal on Nike sneakers
you can take them to a local
basketball court and show the
Nike footwear to the people congregating
at the court.

Wholesale Clothing Sales Profits #14

Set up a kiosk in a busy shopping mall
during the holiday season.

You can actually set up a kiosk
at any point during the year,
but the holiday season can be your
most lucrative retail period.

In my opinion, kiosks
are ideal places to sell
brand name fashion accessories,
jewelry, and watches.

Wholesale Clothing Sales Profits #15

Set up a booth in the lobby of
a large office building.

You can have a big audience from
all the people that work in the 

If you use this strategy 
you should look for women's
designer suits by Tahari,
Jones New York, Calvin Klein,
Nine West, and other
brands and styles
that will appeal to professional

Make sure that you
match the type of apparel
that you sell to the employees
that work in the building.